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{{caution | notes= The Research Link Mod v11.1.2.5 is compatible with Count Ancestors n Descendants, Relationship Display Mod, Signature Display and Living Color Mod, only if the #Installation with other Mods procedures are followed. There is also a conflict with the Simple_SEO mod which can be resolved with a small change to that mod.
V9.0.0.1 conflicts the aforementioned mods and also with the Age Calculation Mod.

Research Link Mod
Summary Allows context driven searches of genealogy sites;may require customization of links.
Mod Updated 13 Apr 2019
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TNG 12.0
TNG 11.1.2
TNG 9.0
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Author(s) Gerald Leehan,
version update by Ron Krzmarzick V11.1.2-12.1
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Latest Mod for TNG 11.1.2 and up
9.0.0 for TNG 9 and 10.
Min TNG V 9.0.0
Max TNG V 12.1.0
Files modified
kicker.php - added file
researchlink.php - added file
Related Mods
v9.0.0.0 Conflicts with 5 Mods noted in the Caution above.

Purpose of the Mod

The Research Mod allows you to do context driven searches of genealogy sites, like Ancestry, Family Search, Google, Google Images, Google Books, Ellis Island, Gendex, WWII Memorial, and many others. Simply navigate to the Personal Information Page of the individual in whom you are interested, scroll down the research menu that appears at the top of the page, and click on Research Site you wish to interrogate. You will then be presented with a new window containing the result of a search on that site driven by the person's name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse name, or some appropriate combination. Searchable sites include a couple paid sites like Ancestry which can be searched only if you have a membership 'cookie' on your machine, but most are free at least in part.

Sites can be added to the list. In the present release, you need to know a little about how site URLs are formed and must perform a script edit to add the site. In the future, I hope to have an Admin Script to simplify the management of this process. Most of the sites in the current list have a USA English language focus.


This mod not only allows you to use TNG as a research tool, but it also provides your visitors a way to search additional sites for information on an individual whose page they are viewing. Note: There are out of date links in researchlink.php which are commented out but are present as placeholders for future use.


This mod was developed by Gerald Leehan. Changes for TNG compatibility update, conflict resolution, edit options and translations for Czech, German and Spanish provided by Ron Krzmarzick. Awaiting review by the author.

Installation with other Mods


1. If installed with the Count Ancestors n Descendants Mod, that mod's Edit Option to genlib:$xerxxLimit is overriden by the same option in in Research Link Mod. If the Research Link Mod is uninstalled, then the Edit Option reverts back to Count Ancestors n Descendants Mod.

2. If installed with the Relationship Display Mod and/or the Living Color Mod , they must be installed before the Research Link Mod, and conversely, the Research Link Mod uninstalled before those mod(s). If this sequence is ignored, Mod Manager status will be 'cannot install' may result. Do not delete either Mod. Instead Uninstall the mod with 'Installed' status, and redo the installation in the proper sequence to achieve an 'OK to Install' status.

3. Installs OK with the Signature Display Mod.

4. Conflict with the Simple SEO Mod. Mod Manager will display a 'Cannot Install'. This can be resolved by editing that mod's cfg file and commenting these lines (64-71 in v12.0.3.6) ,

target: getperson.php, location #5.
	echo tng_DrawHeading( $photostr, $namestr, getYears( $row ) );
// BEGIN: Simple SEO
	echo tng_DrawHeading( $photostr, $namewid, getYears( $row ) );
// END: Simple SEO

Mod Edit Options


1. Same option as Count Ancestors 'n Descendants mod: $xerxxLimit . Limits number or count of Ancestors and Descendants to display. Default is '100'.

2. Users Restrictions: admin user only = 1 ; registered users only = 2 ; general access = 3 . Default is '2'.

3. Allow display of Research Links for Living Persons: set option to 'true'. Default is 'false'.

TNG modules Involved

This mod modifies the getperson.php files and introduces 2 new scripts, researchlink.php and kicker.php

Getting the File


Mod updated by Ron Krzmarzick for compatibility with TNG version 11.1.2 up to 12.0.2. Same procedures as below.

Version 9:

This mod has been upgraded with assistance from Ken Roy for compatibility with TNG version 9. Download the file Extract the files and folder from the downloaded zip file into the mods folder or FTP the extracted files and folder to your mods folder. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the mod.

Version 8:

Download the file and unzip its contents into the same directory that contains your getperson.php script. The files should include this file ResearchModInstall.txt, Researchlink.php, and kicker.php. Note: This file was modified on 11/30/2009 to fix a problem associated with personIDs longer than 7 characters and on 1/3/2011 to allow compatibility with TNG V8.02. GWL Note: A conflict exists between this mod and the Signature Display mod. Members wishing to install both mods should contact this author for a workaround. GWL

- Necessary in Version 8 only -Modifying the existing scripts -

Edit the getperson.php script:

Replace the line (about line 108):

echo tng_DrawHeading( $photostr, $namestr, getYears( $row ) );


// added  for research mod
global $gotperson, $gottree, $maptest_url;
$gotperson = $personID;
$gottree = $tree;
include_once($cms[tngpath] . "researchlink.php");
echo tng_DrawHeading1( $photostr, $namestr, getYears( $row ) );
// end added for research mod

Ok, you're done. Go back to your Gatorade and the let your users enjoy themselves while you use your newfound tool to do a little more research on GreatAunt Tillie.

This version of the Research Mod has been updated for compatibility with TNG Version 8.02, but should be compatible with all previous TNG versions.

Visualization of This Mod


With Count Ancestors n Descendants Mod and Relationship Display Mod installed.

Sample display.png

Addenda - Adding Additional Sites

The 30+ sites contained in the existing scripts should give most US webmasters plenty to work with, but inevitably many folks will want to add their own sites to the list. Perhaps we will develop an admin page to facilitate this, but, in the interim, folks with some understanding of how variables are passed thru urls can follow this procedure to enhance their list:

To add an additional site, you must add 3 lines to researchlink.php:

Add below similar lines a line like the following (with 37 replaced by the next consecutive integer):

<option value=$callres[37] >$rv[37]</option>

Add Two lines like the following below similar lines toward the end of the script (with 37 replaced by the next consecutive integer)

$retval[37] = "" . urlencode($Surname) . "&FirstName=" . urlencode($Given) . "&drawtable=YES\" target=\"_blank\"";
$rv[37]="WWII Memorial";

Now follow these directions to edit the $retval[] line you added

First navigate to the search page of the site you wish to add to the menu... In this example we will go to Fill in the search boxes on the page with the information for some individual you believe you should be able to find on the page and execute the search... in this example for Oliver Fisher Winchester... You should receive a page of results Use the 'BACK' button on your browser to return to the page from which you initiated the search. Copy the contents of the Address Bar on your browser into a text processor like WordPad... it should look something like this:

You will notice the information you enterred in the search boxes is now shown in expressions after the ?... for example: first_name=Oliver+Fisher Look in the table at the end of this section for a research variable that you believe would contain this information... in this case we are looking for a first or given name, so the variable would be $Given. Replace the the information in the expression with the urlencode of the variable (the urlencode just cleans up spaces and special characters) to the replaced information becomes:

first_name=" . urlencode($Given) ."

do the same for the other variables:

last_name=Winchester becomes last_name=" . urlencode($surname) ."

spouses_first_name=Jane+Ellen becomes spouses_first_name=" . urlencode($SpGiven) . "


Note that some of the parameters in the expressions have no values, eg: fathers_last_name= Leave them as they are Some of the parameters do not have equivalent variables in the table, eg: date_range=5 Leave them as they are

Make all the substitutions using variables from the table and get something like:".urlencode($Given)."&last_name=".urlencode($surname)."&fathers_first_name=&fathers_last_name=&mothers_first_name=&mothers_last_name=&spouses_first_name=".urlencode($SpGiven)."&spouses_last_name=".urlencode($SpSurname)."&event_index=1&to_date=&from_date=".urlencode($Birthyr)."&juris1=&juris2=&juris3=&juris4=&standardize=&date_range=5&date_range_index=3&batch_number=&serial_number=&film_number=&file_number=&Social_number=&region=%2D1&regionfriendly=&juris1friendly=".urlencode($Birthcountry)."&juris2friendly=".urlencode($Birthstate)."&juris3friendly=&juris4friendly=%22%29%3B%22+onClick%3D%22setRefineValue%281%29%3B%22%3Erefine+search%3C%2Fa%3E%5D%22

Next copy this expression and paste it over the the equivalent expression in the $retval[] statement you are adding to the script, eg

$retval[37] = "".urlencode($Given)."&last_name=".urlencode($surname)."&fathers_first_name=&fathers_last_name=&mothers_first_name=&mothers_last_name=&spouses_first_name=".urlencode($SpGiven)."&spouses_last_name=".urlencode($SpSurname)."&event_index=1&to_date=&from_date=".urlencode($Birthyr)."&juris1=&juris2=&juris3=&juris4=&standardize=&date_range=5&date_range_index=3&batch_number=&serial_number=&film_number=&file_number=&Social_number=&region=%2D1&regionfriendly=&juris1friendly=".urlencode($Birthcountry)."&juris2friendly=".urlencode($Birthstate)."&juris3friendly=&juris4friendly=%22%29%3B%22+onClick%3D%22setRefineValue%281%29%3B%22%3Erefine+search%3C%2Fa%3E%5D%22\"target=\"_blank\"";

If this gets too complicated, or if the string is too specific to product results, you can try to simplify it by leaving out most of the search terms, eg

$retval[37] = "".urlencode($Given)."&last_name=".urlencode($surname)."\"target=\"_blank\"";

Table of permissable variables:

$Surname $Given $Birthdate $Birthplace $Spouse $Deathdate $Deathplace $Sex $Birthyr $Deathyr $Birthtown $Birthstate $Birthcountry $Marrdate $Marrcountry $Marrcounty $Marrstate $Marrcity $Deathdate $Deathcountry $Deathstate $Deathcounty $Deathcity $Fathergiven $Fatherlast $Mothergiven $Motherlast $Spousegiven $SpouseID $SpSurname $SpGiven $SpBirthdate $SpBirthplace $SpSpouse $SpDeathdate $SpDeathplace $SpSex $SpBirthyr $SpDeathyr

Site List
A site dedicated to the folks whose relatives settled in the townships and boroughs that roughly now comprise the Northwestern School District of Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Revision History

Version Release Date Comments
13 Apr 2019 Changes to clear php warnings with php 7.2-7.3.
4 Dec 2018 Resolved conflicts with three other mods, Edit Options added and Translation for German, Spanish, and Czech.
27 Nov 2018 compatible version for TNG 11.1.2 and 12.0

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Roots & Relatives Remembered Ron Krzmarzick Public & Private See Here EN,DE,CS,ES
Our Acadian Family Randal Suire Public/Media Private - Mod modified 12.0.2 EN,FR
Carr's Garage Regis Carr Public 12.0.2 EN