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As you can see, almost all of my mods are being upgraded for TNGv13

  • About 15-20 of the mods required updates because of Mod Manager syntax changes or small code changes introduced by TNG13.
  • Another 10 or so require more substantial modification.
  • Some of my idiosyncratic technical features were implemented in most of these mods. Those technical updates included:
    1. Mods that have mod options were tweaked to use the new Mod Settings Blocks mod, which is now a prerequisite for all of my mods that have options.
    2. Mods that define Inner Mod Menus were tweaked to work with the TNG13 version of the Inner Mod Menus mod.
    3. Inner Mod Menus were added to several more mods (beyond what was implemented in TNGv12). And some mods (such as Headstones Report and Cemetery Burials Table) now create Inner Menus in pages (such as headstones.php and showmap.php) that do not otherwise have an Inner Menu at all. But, as with all Inner Mod Menus, those built-from-scratch Inner Menus are visible only to TNG administrators.
    4. Most of my mods were updated to put the language strings in the mod subfolder rather than in conventional cust_text.php files.

Un-upgraded mods

Unless otherwise indicated, these are just mods that I haven't gotten to yet. Please let me know if you are waiting for one, and I'll try to prioritize it.

  1. Admin Places Date - Will not be upgraded; not needed in TNGv13
  2. Admin Users-More - See Admin Users Menu for now
  3. Placesearch Entire Note - Will not be upgraded; TNGv13 implements its full functionality
  4. Gedcom Import Monitor - I may not upgrade this mod; I liked it, but I'm not sure that anyone ever used it, and I had trouble with it in TNGv12.
  5. Gedcom Import Mediatype
  6. Admin Places Geocode

All Updates

Since 1 Oct 2020.

 Date Added  Mod Name Status Version Description
3 Dec 2020 Admin Media Thumbnails Upgrade Handled change made in the post-TNGv13.0.1 patch file
3 Dec 2020 Placesearch-More Info Upgrade Handled change made in the post-TNGv13.0.1 patch file
3 Dec 2020 Regroup Person-Child2Parent Upgrade Removed an pointless popup dialog box.
30 Nov 2020 Admin Media Predefined Search Upgrade Upgrade to TNGv13
28 Nov 2020 Admin Media Search Update Added some whitespace to the search form.
28 Nov 2020 Placesearch-More Info Update Establishes compatibility with Public Access Control v13.0.1.4
28 Nov 2020 Regroup Person Profile Update Establishes compatibility with Fixed Family Tab v13.0.0.2b and Public Access Control v13.0.1.4
28 Nov 2020 Regroup Person-Child2Parent Update Fixes a bug introduced in version 19c, and makes very small changes to improve the Mod Settings Block and change the default option value.
20 Nov 2020 Admin Branches Update Reset button wasn't working. Code cleanup.
20 Nov 2020 Admin Branches Queue Update Coordinates with the new Admin Secondary Processes mod; Fixes some display glitches
20 Nov 2020 Admin Media Edit Upgrade ***Unpublished*** Upgraded to TNGv13
20 Nov 2020 Admin Media Search Update People linked to directly and through a citation were showing up twice in the "Linked to" column
20 Nov 2020 Admin Secondary Processes New Improves the workflow of the Secondary Process menu, and displays information about the dilemma associated with the "Relabel Branches" process
19 Nov 2020 Regroup Person-Child2Parent Upgrade Handles conflict with Collapse Family Children, which must be installed before Regroup Person-Child2Parent
19 Nov 2020 Admin Languages Upgrade Upgraded to work in TNGv13.0.1 as well as TNGv13.0
12 Nov 2020 Admin Media Thumbnails Update Numerous changes, including a maximum number of thumbnails to process, the ability to delete thumbnails, and minimal display of progress through the media items.
10 Nov 2020 Placesearch-More Info Update The "Show Map" button wasn't working, and the birth and death places were not being displayed in the event tables.
10 Nov 2020 Cemetery Map and Images Update No functional changes. Fixed the Mod Manager %wikilink, and changed the mod name. (Part of the reason for the new name is that I quite reasonably kept typing "and" instead of "And". I also plan to implement some changes to the rarely-used table of images that are linked directly to the cemetery.)
10 Nov 2020 Regroup Person Profile Update Bug fix: Children of any undefined parent were shown as half siblings of each other; Norwegian translation by Svein Krakeli; Moved RACE and CREM to the main data block
08 Nov 2020 Placesearch-More Info Update Fixed a typo that broke language strings
06Nov 2020 Regroup Person-Map Children Retired Replaced by version of Event Map add children mod, from which it was first derived.
06 Nov 2020 Admin Places Search Update The Tree column was not being hidden when there was only one column, and didn't toggle correctly when TreeID-One Column was installed
06 Nov 2020 TreeID-One Column Update Simply fixed the internal version number, which didn't match the filename
3 Nov 2020 Cemetery Burials Table Update Fixed an undefined subscript error that was not breaking the program.
3 Nov 2020 Gedcom Import Purge Update Changed a target location search string to accommodate a change in TNGv13.0.1. The mod works in both TNGv13.0 and TNGv13.0.1
31 Oct 2020 Gedcom Converter Upgrade Upgraded to TNGv13; Fixed the creation of Person and Family Medialinks from Citation Medialinks
31 Oct 2020 Cemetery Map And Image New Shrinks some page elements to reduce vertical scrolling. Suppresses notes in the map pin balloon. Spun off from Cemetery Burials Table
31 Oct 2020 Admin Cemetery Edit Update Cleaned up messages and extra characters on the page
18 Oct 2020 Admin Places Search Update Fixed a hardcoded table name in a SQL query
18 Oct 2020 Admin Users Menu Upgrade Upgraded to TNGv13 by Rick Hooley
12 Oct 2020 Browsemedia Medialinks Update Improved coordination with Browsemedia Search Form
12 Oct 2020 Browsemedia Search Form Update Improved coordination with Browsemedia Mediatypes
12 Oct 2020 Admin Deletion Messages Rename Renamed from Admin Delete Message after upgrade to to TNGv13
11 Oct 2020 Regroup Person-Child2Parent Upgrade It was displaying the Child-to-parent relationship, but not Parent-to-child.
11 Oct 2020 Admin Media Search Update Fixed a bug that was breaking some hyperlinks in the 'Linked to' column.

All Active Mods

These mods have been upgraded unless otherwise indicated. Their mod articles may not be fully up-to-date, but they latest downloads should be in their mod articles Please let me know if you encounter a mod article that does not have a TNGv13 version (unless its 'Latest version number' says that it works in TNGv13).

  1. Add Name To PersonID
  2. Admin Branches
  3. Admin Branches Queue
  4. NewAdmin Branches Show Users
  5. Admin Cemeteries Search
  6. Admin Cemetery Edit
  7. Admin Deletion Messages
  8. Admin Languages
  9. New; Beta Admin Media Edit - No wiki article (yet)
    • Download: v13.0.0.3
    • Tweaks the Media Edit form to add help text and error messages and hide the map unless there are geocoordinates.
  10. Admin Media Predefined Search
  11. Admin Media Search
  12. Admin Media Thumbnails
  13. Admin Places Date - Will not be available in TNGv13
  14. Admin Places Geocode - Not yet
  15. Admin Places Search
  16. Admin Reports Search
  17. Admin Reports Floating Editor
  18. New Admin Secondary Processes
  19. Admin Users Menu
  20. Admin Users-More Not yet - see Admin Users Menu for now
  21. New Browsemedia Medialinks
  22. Browsemedia Search Form
  23. Cemetery Burials Table
  24. New Chart Types Help
  25. Count Descendants
  26. Field Buttons
  27. FindAGrave Links TNGv12 version works
  28. Gedcom Converter
  29. Gedcom Import Mediatype Not yet
  30. Gedcom Import Purge
  31. Headstones Report
  32. Inner Mod Menus
  33. New Media Bodytext - No Wiki article yet
    • Supports formatting and display of BodyText in Media Records by supplying a BodyText stylesheet and modifying the way that BodyText is displayed in showmedia.php. Download Contact me for details.
  34. Mod Manager Compare
  35. Mod Manager Latest
  36. Mod Settings Blocks
  37. New Account Validation
  38. Notes-Expand WWW Refs - TNGv12 version works
  39. Place Edit No Checkbox
  40. Place Edit-Cemeteries
  41. Placename Format
  42. Placesearch-More Info
  43. Regroup Person Profile
  44. Regroup Person-Branch Members
  45. Regroup Person-Child2Parent
  46. Regroup Person-Date Place
  47. New Regroup Person-Family Indicators
  48. Regroup Person-No Living Data
  49. Regroup Person-Hide Branches
  50. New Regroup Person-Gender Before Birth
  51. New Regroup Person-Map Children
  52. Regroup Person-Move Media
  53. Regroup Person-No Living Data
  54. New Regroup Person-Remove Gender
  55. Regroup Person-Sources
  56. Show Mod Names
  57. TextPlus Charts
  58. New TextPlus Charts-French
  59. New TextPlus Charts-Innermenu Utility - Not available - Is being spun off from TextPlus Charts
  60. TreeID-One Column

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