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Ambox notice.png The Mail and Registration section of General Settings was added in TNG V8.
TNG 8.0

TNG V8 added a new Mail and Registration section. A couple of the options were previously in other sections of the General Settings

The Mail and Registration section allows your to specify the options for how your emails will be processed:

  • E-mail Address (moved here from Site and Design)
  • Send all mail from address above (defaults to No)
  • Allow new user registrations (moved here from Miscellaneous) (defaults to Yes)
  • Auto approve new users (defaults to No. If changed to Yes, default is show No Living information. See below for code to show Living information by default where Auto approve new users is Yes.)
  • Create new tree for user (defaults to No)
  • Send acknowledgement email (defaults to No)
  • Include password in welcome email (defaults to Yes)
TNG V8 Mail and Registration section

Send all emails from

The Send all mail from address above: may need to be changed from the default of No to Yes if are not getting the emails from Contact Us, Suggest, and New Account Requests.

The Help screen contains the following information:

When someone sends you a message using TNG, the program attempts to send it as if it came from them so that you can easily reply. Some hosting providers do not allow that, however. They will refuse to send email unless the sender's email address comes from the same domain as your site. If you find that email from TNG is not being sent, your host may be doing this to you. If that's the case, setting this option to Yes cause TNG to send all mail from the TNG administrator's address (entered above on this page). That should correct the problem.
On ICDSoft, for example, emails sent by the Contact Us, Suggest, and New User Request forms must be sent by the Administrator email account specified in the E-mail Address field, so you have to change to option to Yes in order to receive the emails. Send All Messages From

Auto Approve New Users

The Auto Approve New Users option allows you to automatically authorize new user account requests by changing the TNG option from No to Yes.

Auto Approve change

The following change might be appropriate, if you set Auto Approve new Users to Yes, and you want to grant access to Living information as part of the User request approval process. The following information was originally provided by Darrin on the User2 list

Edit file addnewacct.php by changing the code on line 104:

    $allow_living_val = $tngconfig['autoapp'] ? 0 : -1;


    $allow_living_val = $tngconfig['autoapp'] ? 1 : -1;

Note that these users would not be restricted to view living only for a specific branch.

Send acknowledgement email

You will need to change the Send acknowledgement email option from the default of No to Yes, if you want to send a message to the User that their New User Account request has been received. Send Acknowledgment

Include password in welcome email

You might want to change the Include password in welcome email option from the default of Yes to No, if you do not want to send the user password in the welcome message to the User when their User record has been created and their New Account Request activated. Send Password