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Ambox notice.png Setup help applies to all TNG versions. This page was originally built from the TNG Help screen.

Links to other Setup pages were added to the help screen information.



This page contains access points to various categories of TNG settings. Edit the settings in each category to reflect your web site's file layout, your MySQL database, and other configurable options. Change other settings to affect the display of your various pages.

General Settings

You can find information on General Settings in the following articles:

Import Settings

Setup - Import Settings

Log Settings

Setup log settings

Template Settings

Setup - Template Settings


Run Diagnostics
This page shows information about your web server setup, including warnings about settings that may interfere with TNG's performance.

PHP Info Screen
This page shows information about your PHP installation. The display of this information is a function of PHP, not TNG. The page is divided into blocks that describe separate areas of the configuration. If you are not able to connect to the MySQL database, check this page and look for a "mysql" block. If you do not see it, that means that PHP is not yet communicating with MySQL. That indicates a problem with the PHP setup, not with TNG.

For additional information, see TNG not communicating with database

Table Creation

Create Tables
Click on this button ONLY when setting up your site for the first time, as this will create the database tables needed to hold your data. Note: If the tables already exist, any and all previous data will be lost! You may want to perform this operation anyway if your data has been corrupted and you can be restored from backups after recreating the tables.