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| [[User:Bernard57|Bernard Wortelboer]]
| [[User:Bernard57|Bernard Wortelboer]]
| Public Site
| Public Site
| 10.1.3
| 11.0.0
| NL, EN
| NL, EN

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Ambox notice.png Show Nicknames Mod has been tested with other popular mods and no conflicts have been noted. If you encounter a clash with other mods on your website, please provide the details and I will look into it.

Show Nicknames Mod
Summary Displays nicknames after first name/s. A parameter controls how nickname is displayed - parentheses, square brackets, double quotes, or single quotes. Another parameter controls where the nickname is displayed - between first names and surname, or after surname
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TNG 11.0

TNG 10.1.0

TNG 10.0.2

TNG 10.0.1

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Author(s) Niels Kristensen
Homepage Pringle, Kristensen, Schmidt, Schiess Genealogy
Mod Support
Contact Developer Support for Show Nicknames Mod
Latest Mod for TNG V11.0
Min TNG V 10.0.1
Files modified
globallib.php, tngdblib.php, verticalchart.php
Related Mods
Very easy to configure and use.


This mod shows nicknames after first name/s, for example, Johannes Jacobus "John" SMITH, or after the surname, for example, Johannes Jacobus SMITH "John"

The display of the nickname is controlled by a configurable option - parentheses, square brackets, double quotes or single quotes. Defaults to double quotes. The position of the nickname is controlled by another option - between first names and surname, or after surname. Defaults to between first names and surname.

The mod is made to one of the core modules in TNG and therefore applies throughout the site, with minimal modification to scripts.

Conflicts With Other Mods

At the moment there are no known conflicts with other TNG mods.

Revision History

Version Date Contents
v11.0.0.2 4 Apr 2016 * Resolved incompatibility with Male and Female Descendant and Parent Ancestor Lines mod
v11.0.0.1 29 Mar 2016 * Added second parameter to control position of nickname
v11.0.0.0 19 Mar 2016 * Updated for TNG V11.0 compatibility
v10.1.0.0 29 Mar 2015 * Updated for TNG V10.1 compatibility
v10.0.3.4 30 Dec 2014 * Nickname no longer displayed in name row of getperson.php page (superfluous as the nickname is already displayed in the row below that)
v10.0.3.1 26 Dec 2014 * Bug fix to work with both ISO and UTF-8 character encoding
v10.0.3.0 26 Dec 2014 * Added parameter to control how nickname is displayed, defaults to double quotes
v10.0.2.2 4 May 2014 * Compatible with living color mod and confirmed to work with TNG v10.0.3
v10.0.2.0 2 May 2014 * Compatibility with TNG v10.0.2
v10.0.0.0 13 Apr 2014 * Release version


Automated Install

  1. Remove and delete previously installed version.
  2. Download the appropriate zipped config package from the Mod Summary at the top of the page.
  3. Unzip the config file and place it in the /mods folder.
  4. Click on Mod Manager in the Admin panel and install it.

Manual Installation

Manual installation is not supported.


This mod was developed by Niels Kristensen


As always, use this script at your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any damage to your website resulting from its use.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
A Genealogy Etude, Coffman,Livingston and Peach,Hansmann Families Lynda Peach Public & Private Site V10.0.3.4 TNG V10.0.2 EN
Pringle, Kristensen, Schmidt, Schiess Genealogy Niels Kristensen Mod Developer V11.0.0.2 TNG V11.0.0 EN
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain Public Site v10.0.3.4 TNG v10.1.0 EN,FR,DE,ES,NL
Wortelboer Genealogy Bernard Wortelboer Public Site 11.0.0 NL, EN