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Show Siblings
Summary Adds a list of siblings as the last Standrad event (collapsible) at getperson.php
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TNG 11.0
TNG 10.1.0
Download stats Show Siblings mod v10.1.x
Author(s) Erik Hoppe, Roger Mitchell, Jeff Robison
Homepage Show Siblings (this page)
Mod Support Erik's Mod Support
Contact Developer Erik's Mod Support
Latest Mod for TNG v10.1.x - 11.0.0
Min TNG V 10.1.0
Max TNG V 11.0.0
Files modified
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Purpose of the mod

To show a list of links to the Individ's siblings, if there are any.
The name (link), date + place of birth and date + place of death are shown, if rights permit.

The list can be open or collapsible and can be placed as the last Standard event in the Personal or the Parents section in getperson.php.

If the list is placed in the Personal section it is called Siblings and doesn't include the Individ.
If it is placed in the Parents section, it is called Children and includes the Individ.

The list in the Personal section is not shown if the Individ is the only child of the family.

This mod enjoys the company of Life Dates Mod by Roger Mitchell and Family Preview Mod by Jeff Robison


This mod was developed by Erik Hoppe, Roger Mitchell and Jeff Robison


Additional testing, suggestions, encouragement and patience were kindly provided by:
Allen Prunty and Henny Savenije.
Danish translation by Mogens C. Fenger.


TNG version: 10.1.0
  • A working TNG installation.
  • A backup of all affected files (see the list below)
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager (is already included in TNG v10.1.1)


  1. Click on the download link, shown in the summary in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Un-zip the file and copy/move/FTP it to the mods folder of your TNG system.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the mod.

In the event of a problem

Custom Text Additions

Note: The config file includes the English language custom text.
The mod also includes Danish, German and Swedish texts if they are present in your system.
For other languages you can modify the config file to add the custom text or manually add to whatever language you like.

English custom text For Reference Only!

$text['xerxxSiblings'] = "Siblings";

Uninstalling the mod

If you want to completely Remove (uninstall) this mod and all its tables, you should

  1. click the Remove button to uninstall the mod and then
  2. click the Delete button to delete the config file from the mods folder.

Revision History

Version Date Description
V10.1.0.3b 24 Aug 2015 German-UTF8 doesn't work to capitalize "siblings" and "children". Now does.
V10.1.0.3 9 Aug 2015 Submit icon showed for users with submit rights. Not now (thanks Henny).
German "siblings" and "children" now has first letter capitalized.
V10.1.0.2 31 May 2015 Added hi-lite. Added placesearch link.
1-person collapsible w/ summary will be 1-person not collapsible. The code has been streamlined.
V10.1.1.1 26 May 2015 Removed the abbreviation problem.
Added Roger's edit code for the options and Mogens' Danish translation.
V10.1.1.0 24 May 2015 Introduction.

Visualization of this mod (v10.1.0.2)


Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Andersson, Hoppe, Sahlin, Thorell Erik Hoppe Mod author 10.1.3 SE, GB, DE
Mitchell Families Online Roger Mitchell Erik put a lot of testing and work to optimise this mod. Works great!! v10.1.0.3 v10.1.2 EN, NL, ES, FR, DE
Brady Family Tree in Western Australia Darryl Brady Public site 10.1.1 EN, DE
Nordic Ancestry / Nordiske Aner Mogens C. Fenger Closed Site 10.1.1 Danish, English
Quigley Doyle Family Tree Don Quigley Public 11.0.0 EN

TNG Modules Impacted

The following TNG Modules are modified, and should be backed up prior to installing this mod:

  • getperson.php
  • personlib.php
  • languages/English/cust_text.php
  • languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php
  • languages/Danish/cust_text.php (if present)
  • languages/Danish-UTF8/cust_text.php (if present)
  • languages/German/cust_text.php (if present)
  • languages/German-UTF8/cust_text.php (if present)
  • languages/Swedish/cust_text.php (if present)
  • languages/Swedish-UTF8/cust_text.php (if present)