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(A mod to change the default sort order of registered users displayed in admin)
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| mod_author      = Alan D Craxford
| mod_author      = Alan D Craxford
| mod_url        = [[]] (This page)
| mod_url        = [[]] (This page)
| mod_support    = [http://www.tngforum.us/ TNG Forums]
| mod_support    =  
| mod_version    = 8.1.0
| mod_version    = 8.1.0
| min_TNG_ver    = 8.1.0
| min_TNG_ver    = 8.1.0

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Sort Registered User List
Summary Sorts the User List displayed in Admin by tree, then branch, then user name
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Download link for TNG V8
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Author(s) Alan D Craxford
Homepage [[]] (This page)
Mod Support
Contact Developer {{{mod_contact}}}
Latest Mod 8.1.0
Min TNG V 8.1.0
Max TNG V 8.1.0
Files modified
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Purpose of the mod

The list of users displayed on the Registered Users admin page is sorted by default by the user's description field. If your site has more than one tree, each of which has its own user population, or some of your users are restricted to just one branch, then this small mod may present a clearer user directory. The list is now sorted by tree, then branch and then username. Administrators, and others not assigned to any tree, are listed first. Then users are grouped alphabetical by tree name (users assigned to a specific branch appear at the end of the tree list).


The Sort Registered User List Mod was developed by Alan D Craxford


  • A working TNG 8.1 installation


Backup admin_users.php prior to installation