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Cemetery Disclaimer

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==Automated Installation==
{{TNG 9.0|and after}}
# Download [[ |]] and extract the file# Upload cemetery_disclaimer_V9.0.0.23.cfg file to your mod folder.# Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example [[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files]] to install '''cemetery_disclaimer_v9.0.0.23.cfg'''. ==Upgrade Notes==# Before upgrading to a newer version of this mod, first use TNG's Mod Manager to "Remove" the mod (button under the status column on the Mod Manager page). Next use the "Delete" button to remove the old version. Last, follow the instructions under "Automated Installation" above to install the newer version.# Before upgrading TNG to a newer version, it is recommended that this mod be removed first, then after the upgrade of TNG, reinstall the mod.
==Revision History==

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