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Wikipedia Link Mod

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Sites using this mod
| mod_name = Wikipedia Link Mod
| mod_summary = Adds links to Wikipedia for place name in the Place Search page
| mod_validation = Latest mod is XHTML compliant.[[Image:Valid-xhtml10.png|44px]]
| mod_last_update = 13 Jan 2015‎| download_link = for {{Tv120}}{{Tv1102}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}] <br />supports renaming extensions folder<hr />for <span class="nowrap">{{Tv110}}{{Tv100}}{{Tv90}}</span>[http 381&user={{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[http |253&user={{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}} French language files]]<hr />for {{Tv80}}[[Media:|]] <hr />for {{Tv70}}[[Media:|]]| download_stats = [http -231-253-381-390 View download stats]
| mod_author = Luke Weerts<br />Ken Roy enhanced and created config file
| mod_url = [[Wikipedia Link Mod]] (This page)
| mod_support = [http://wwwtng.tngforum.uscommunity/ TNG Community Forums]| mod_contact = [http://www.tngforumtng.uscommunity/ TNG Community Forums]| mod_version = for TNG V11.0.2 and up<br /> 2 for TNG V9 and aboveup<br />8.1.0 for TNG V8<br />1.1 for TNG V7
| min_TNG_ver = 7.0.0
| max_TNG_ver = 10.0.012+
| TNG_file_list = placesearch.php
| related_mods = None
<!-- French language file -->
<!-- French language file -->
{| style="margin-right:0.5 em;" align="right"
| __TOC__
== Developer ==
The mod was initially provided (for TNG V6) on in the [http://wwwtng.tngforum.uscommunity/index.php?s=&showtopic=3921&view=findpost&p=#comment-18911 Adding Wikipedia links to 'Places'] post on the TNG Community Forum] by Luke Weerts.
Note that Luke initially replaced the Place Name header with a link to Wikipedia. Ken Roy modified Luke's code to add the Wikipedia link information below the Place Name Header and use cust_text.php to provide the indication of a Wikipedia link.
| DA, DE, EN, NL
| [http Our Acadian, French Canadian, and Maine Ancestors]
| [[User:Ken Roy|Ken Roy]]
| updated to add Wikipedia links below header. Updated to support extensions folder rename| 911.0.02.03| 1012.0.0
| EN, FR
| [[User:InvernessHighlander|Lawrence Appelt]]
| Not a Public Site.
| V99.0.0.0| 910.20.0 Beta
| EN
| Public Site.
| V9.0.0.0
| 910.10.10
| EN, NL
|-| [ Hooley Family Links]| [[User:lastejas|Rick Hooley]]| Public/Private| [[User: lastejas|See Here]]| [[User: lastejas|See Here]]| EN|-| [ Brady Family Tree in Western Australia]| [[User:bradyfamilytree|Darryl Brady]]| Public site || 10.1.1| EN, DE|-| [ Brabantse Genealogie]| [[User:Rob van Rij|Rob van Rij]]| Public Site|| 11.0.1 | EN,FR,NL |-| [ Pages From Our Past]| [[User:alprunty|Allen Prunty]]| Not a public site|| 11.1.0| English|-| [ OurLife Family History - McMullen Clan]| [[User:Seanst|Sean Thompson]]| Not a public site. || 11.1.0| English|-| [ Famille Potié et ses alliés]| [[User:Stillman|Christophe Potié]]| Not a public site. || 11.1.0| English, French|-| [ R G Strong Family Genealogy]| [[User:Rgstrong|Russ Strong]]| Public Site|| 12.0.2| EN, FR, DE, NL|}
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