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Maternal And Paternal Lines

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The correct English expressions are Distaff side and Spear side: [ The Flip Side Of Distaff]
If you don't like the images, I provide you with a set of replacement images:
 [[Image:tabiconsB.jpg|516px13px|left|Tabs icons]] [[Image:xerxxSpinnB.jpg|516px36px|left|Family Maternal image]] [[Image:xerxxSverdB.jpg|516px36px|left|Family Paternal image]]Tab icons, Family page Maternal image and Paternal image 
Open the folder named maternal_paternal_lines, in which you will find the folder replacement_images.
If you do this prior to installation of the mod: Move the replacement images out of the replacement_images folder and let them replace the images in the outer folder maternal_paternal_lines.

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