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Maternal And Paternal Lines

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| mod_summary = Adds four new pages to TNG
| mod_validation =
| download_link = for {{Tv91}}<br />[[Mediahttp:maternal_paternal_lines_v9//ccount.1ojay.1de/|php?id=18]]| download_stats =[ See download statistics]
| mod_author = Erik Hoppe
| mod_url = [[Maternal And Paternal Lines]] (this page)
Credit for the mod also goes to [[User:XXXXX|OT]], Jacques Deslauriers and [[User:henny|Henny Savenije]] for German, French and Dutch translations resp. and for the suggestions, testing and <b>patience</b> provided by the alpha and beta testers:
* [[File:Oname.gif|bottom|link=User:XXXXX|OTojay]]
* [[User:Klintan-Sweden|Ulf Klinteberg]]
* [[User:henny|Henny Savenije]]
| 10.0.1
| Dutch, French, English and many more. |-| [ my family]| [[File:Oname.gif|link=User:ojay]]| (no public site)| see [[User:ojay]]| see [[User:ojay]]| D,(NL),(GB)

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