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Citation Master Basic Mod

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=== Separators ===
The supported field separators are: 'space', 'comma', 'colon', 'period', 'semi' (i.e., semi-colon), and 'dash'. With the exception of dashes, that have spaces both before and after, all other punctuation marks have a single appended space.
== Notes and Caveats ==
* The format instructions and source specifications are valid PHP code. So if you make a mistake you'll probably encounter a syntax error when PHP attempts to render your page.
* Multiple typeface instructions are supported per source tag. (See the 'Examples' for the syntax of such an instruction.)
* You must have a source specification named "_default". If no other specification matches the source type, this specification is used.
* The '_default' specification supplied in the example configuration file corresponds to the requirements of the Chicago Manual of Style, book format.
* For TNG v10.0.2 Citation Master Basic does not attempt to preserve intra-citation hyperlinks (a new feature).
=== Formatting Instructions ===
This is a PHP array that associates GEDCOM tags with formatting instructions. So, for example, the TITL (title) tag might be associated with the typeface 'bold'and be followed by a 'comma' (a 'separator' instruction).

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