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Category:Mods for TNG v10

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With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the [[Mod Manager]] cfg files to install the Mods. <br />
Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you '''should not delete the English folder''', which also contains the Admin Help files.<br />You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.<br />See [[TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners]] for an explanation on the mod version number meaning. <span style="color: red">You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version</span>.}}
| {{Tv100}}
: {|| See [[TNG V10.1 Mods]] for mods that were changed for | {{Tv1010}}|}*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v12''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v12|Mods for TNG v12]]*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v11''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v11|Mods for TNG v11]]
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v9''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v9|Mods for TNG v9]]
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v8''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v8|Mods for TNG v8]]
*Click here for information on [[:Category:Other Scripts|Other Scripts]]
The following are newly added or updated mods in the [[:Category:Mods for TNG v10|Mods for TNG v10]] category: ('''Note''' that you can click on the '''Hide DetailsCollapse''' link below on the table right to hide this table) <toggledisplay statusdiv class="show" showtext="[Show Details]" hidetext="[Hide Details]" linkstyle="font'mw-size:smaller"collapsible'
: '''<span style="color: red">Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.<br/> Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.</span>
! Description
! Developer
|- valign="top"
| 11 Nov 2019
| [[Tables of Descendants]]
| Update
| Fixed php constant errors (Thanks to Brent Hemphill for the heads up on this issue)
| [[User:Fruin|Jim Graham]]
| 01 September 20145 Nov 2019| [[Family Indicators ModInsert Children Gender]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10v9.02.02.1a1| Minor fix concerning This mod right aligns child number and adds gender symbol for children popupsin Family section on person page.<br />Had a stray '1' in the code that would mess up the previewCode simplified, location conflict removed.| [[User:Jefr58Brett|JeffBrett McPhee]]
| 28 August 20142 Oct 2019| [[Life Dates ModRemove Gender Row]]| UPDATENEW| v10v9.02.32.0| Updated for users on TNG v10.0.3This mod removes the Gender Row from the individual's page.| [[User:HiTowerUKBrett|Roger MitchellBrett McPhee]]
| 27 August 201422 Sep 2019| [[Submit Headstone Photo ModMove Notes Above Map]]| UPDATENEW| v9v10.| Updated for TNG users who set This mod moves the 'Send all mail from address Notes section to abovethe Map display on the individual' in mail settings.<br />Thanks Brad Mohrs page.| [[User:Jefr58Brett|JeffBrett McPhee]]
| 25 August 201415 Sep 2019| [[Submit Photo/Document Form ModShow End of Lines]]| UPDATENEW| v9v10.| Updated for TNG users who set This mod displays the 1st ancestor in the paternal line and the first ancestor in the maternal line of an individual on the individual'Send all mail from address above' in mail settingss page.| [[User:mkoche|A.S.DuPree]]<br />Thanks Brad Mohr.| [[User:Jefr58Brett|JeffBrett McPhee]]
| 25 August 20149 Sep 2019| [[Mod User Support FormOther Spouses]]| UPDATENEW| v9v10.1.3.0| This mod displays other Spouses on the person page.3b| Updated for TNG users who set the 'Send all mail from address above' in mail settings[[User:mkoche|A.S.DuPree]]<br />Thanks Brad Mohr.| [[User:Jefr58Brett|JeffBrett McPhee]]
| 25 August 20149 Sep 2019| [[Census Plus InternationalShow Children Spouses]]| UPDATENEW| v10.| Updated to import new formats This mod displays the spouses of children on the 1920 and 1940 US Censusindividual page.| [[User:Ken Roymkoche|A.S. DuPree]]<br />[[User:Brett|KenBrett McPhee]]
| 24 August 20148 Sep 2019| [[Citation Master Basic ModShow Stepparents]]
| v10.01.23.0| Customize the format and content of citations This mod displays Stepparents (individual pages) and sources (browsing pagewith marriage dates if available)in a row under all previous Family detail. | [[User:wrherndonmkoche|Bill Herndon]]|-| 24 August 2014| [[Simple Titles ModA.S. DuPree]]| UPDATE| v9.2.2.1| Corrects a PHP call error that generates warnings on some TNG installations. The update is recommended for all users and TNG versions. | <br />[[User:wrherndonBrett|Bill HerndonBrett McPhee]]
| 24 August 20142 Dec 2018| [[Restrict Image PreviewOpenStreetMap]]| UPDATEUpdate|| One Map setting displayed a blank square for the map, but did show pins in the Event table and the Legend. Thanks to Patricia Hobbs for the alert.<br/>An annoying out-zoom when toggled at zoom > 16 removed.| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 6 Nov 2018| [[Show Husband or Wife mod]]| Update| v10.1.3.1b| Norwegian translation by Helge H| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 20 October 2018| [[Open My Page]]| Update| V10.0.30.4b| Danish still caused problem, not reported. Fixed| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 13 October 2018| [[Add Attachment Link]]| Update| V9.0.0.1| Compatible Updated to work with TNG v10V9+ so mod will translate when suggest.php is called from a placesearch. Corrected syntax errors in lines 85 and 94.| [[User:Rgstrong|Russ Strong]]|- valign="top"| 2 October 2018| [[Cemeteries Display Expanded]] | Update| V8.1.0.3| Added a tngwiki link and brought config file up to current mod standards and wiki and changed name to conform to wiki standards.| [[User:Rgstrong|Russ Strong]]|- valign="top"| 14 Sept 2018| [[Rip Prevention Mod]]| Update|| update mod to fix an issue with the Show Access being unreadable in Templates 9, 13, and 14. Also fixed a possible issue with the Click Counter II Email Notify mod.| [[User:hiraethBhemph|GrahamBrent Hemphill]]
| 22 August 2014Jan 2018| [[Simple Titles ModShow PHP Error Log]]| NEWUpdate| v9v10.20.23.05| [http:* Renamed from Show System Errors Log Mod and updated by Ken Roy to fix overlay of Mod Manager clearlog text in languages other than English<br //tng>* Added cust_text.lythgoes.netphp for French-UTF8 <br /wiki/index>* Added cust_text.php?title=Simple_Titles_Mod Simple Titles] has been tested against TNG v10.0.2 for Czech-UTF8, German-UTF8, and appears to be compatibleSpanish-UTF8 provided by Ron Krzmarzick<br />* Added cust_text.php for Swedish-UTF8 provided by Erik Hoppe| [[User:wrherndonKenRoy|Bill HerndonKen Roy]]
| 13 Aug 201421 Jan 2018| [[TextPlus ChartsBurial Website Media Import]]| NewUpdate| v10v9.0.20.410| Creates two * Change to new HTML charts: The Text+ Descendant chart is a lot like URL for Find A Grave. This includes adding "/memorial/" in the match_url* Expanded the search for existing media by matching IDs for media and burial citations instead of just the PDF Descendant chartmedia URL. The Text+ Pedigree chart is new and different This allows for updating older links even if the URL structure changes. | [[User:Robinrichmwvoigt|RobinWendel Voigt]]
| 13 Aug 201410 Jan 2018| [[Regroup Person ProfileForum for TNG]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10.01.13.114| Cleaned up some code, particularly to support internationalizationThe Dec 7 version included an old file making <b>NEW install</b> impossible. Did not affect updates.<br />THANK YOU Ray W. Added a parameter that allows for the program to display parent, spousealert, and child person ID'spatience. | [[User:RobinrichmXerxX|RobinErik Hoppe]]
| 07 July 201422 Dec 2017| [[NuCaptcha Add-onSimple SEO]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10.01.0.25| Corrects an issue with living persons names being displayed on the Family Group banner. Adds internationalization support for Dutch, Czech, and Polish. This version includes updates released by nuCaptcha is recommended for users with TNG release 10.1.0 and also add a feature to remember a visitor who has successfully completed a nuCaptcha challenge so that will be the visitor will not encounter multiple captcha pages during a visit. Thanks last update to Jeff Robison for this featuremod TNG 10.| [[User:Bsl20b50wrherndon|BryanBill Herndon]]
| 05 July 201406 October 2017| [[Cemetery SessionDefault Not Living]]
| v8v9.10.30.0| This mod creates a session cookie changes the TNG default living flag for the last cemetery selected when adding headstone media.<br />Very useful when adding multiple headstones new people and new families to a single cemetery as the last cemetery is auto-selectednot living.
| [[User:Jefr58|Jeff]]
| 05 July 201422 Aug 2017| [[Family Search Form Bot-Trap Mod]]| UPDATE| V9.0.1.1Update| Corrects %target error in v9.0V10.1.0.4| [[User:Hiraeth|Graham]]|-| 2 Jul 2014| [[Customized Logs Mod]]| UPDATE| v10.0.0.2| This version adds several improvements from previous versions of the mod:* Simplified installation procedure while still protecting existing logs and eliminates the customized_logs_readme.txt file. Now, there is a "Check Now" button Small update to better recognize TNG installations that checks to see if are not in the appropriate logs exist and if necessary, create those filesweb root.* Optional button to backup/clear the log files - there are buttons specific to each separate log. This is based on the backup/clear log mod that had been developed Also an update for older better compatibility with modern versions of TNG developed by Jim Graham.* Option to restrict all logs to admin only.* Cleaned up edit options screen for a more clean set of options for changing optionsphp.
| [[User:Bsl20b50|Bryan]]
| 29 Jun 20149 Jul 2017| [[Life Dates ModCount Ancestors n Descendants]]| UPDATEUpdate| V9V10.01.41.13d| Minor Bug fix: When one parent was unknown (ie blank), age of unknown parent shown as aged ~0. Reported Corrected Dutch translation kindly provided by Michael HedemanBernard Wortelboer.| [[User:HiTowerUKXerxX|Roger MitchellErik Hoppe]]
| 27 24 June 20142017| [[Randomphoto for Templates modCousins]]| UPDATENew & update| v10.01.13.22c| Mod Provides a list of cousins for template 13 addedan individual (up to any distance) and also tables of all cousin marriages in a tree and all multiple (in-law) marriages between two families. Other template mods unchangedFixes a number of bugs in earlier versions.| [[User: HiraethChris Moss|GrahamChris]]
| 25 21 June 20142017| [[FTM-to-TNG Gedcom Converter ModNearD Support]]| UPDATEUpdate| v9v10.21.20.43| Converts Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2012 GEDCOM files so that they can be uploaded correctly in TNG No additional functionality. Added a new optional feature Syncs version numbers to suppress secondary events, and fixed bugsremain aligned with v10.| [[User:robinrichm|Robin]]|-| 25 Jun 2014| [[Census Plus International]]| UPDATE| V101.0.0.2| The following updates were made in v10002 and v10001a:* updated all census imports to verify the interactive viewer differently * updated CP Import for US Census to handle different DOM source formats for 1860 census* added new messages on interactive viewer verification* updated all census imports to capture the Collection ID and Image ID differently : removing the restriction that Next and Prev buttons cannot be used to get 3 of the next or previous census page * updated CP Include to correctly display the Image link for 1851 Census of Canada* updated CP Import for UK Census to handle different DOM source formats for 1851 census| [[User:Ken RoyNearDark_Template|KenNearDark]]|-| 21 Jun 2014| [[Life Dates Mod]]| NEW| V9.0.4.0+| Separates Life Dates for Parents and Families onto separate lines on getperson pages. Suitable for TNG v9.0.4+ (Un-tested on earlier versions)| [[User:HiTowerUKNearDawn_Template|Roger MitchellNearDawn]]|-| 16 Jun 2014| [[Census Plus International]]| UPDATE| V10templates.0.0Tested with TNG release 11.1| The following updates were made:* updated all census imports to handled new Ancestry DOM source format* updated CP Display to correctly display Census of Canada columns* updated CP Update to allow update of Census of Canada columns* updated CP Import for Census of Canada to handle different DOM source formats for 1921 census* added a script to create indices to eliminate the Max_Join_Row error| [[User:Ken Roy|Ken]]|-| 1 June 2014| [[Default Photo Preview]]| UPDATE| v9.1.0.2| Fixed the preview position in family group sheet.| [[User:Jefr58|Jeff]]|-wrherndon| 1 June 2014| [[Custom Counters ModBill Herndon]]| UPDATE| v10.0.0.1| * Paths problem reported by some users has been fixed.* Select a single page script to NOT show counters on (if required).* Minor changes to SQL.| [[User:HiTowerUK|Roger Mitchell]]

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