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Regroup Person-No Living Data

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new mod
| mod_name = Regroup Person-No Living Data
| mod_summary = Moves things around on On the Person Profile page (getperson.php), suppresses ALL data for living and compresses whitespace a bitprivate people to whom the user does not have access.
| mod_validation =
| download_link = For {{Tv103}}{{Tv1001Tv1010}}<br />[[|]]
| download_stats =
| mod_author = [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]
| mod_contact = [ My Mod Support form]
| mod_support = [ My Mod Support form] or [ TNG Forums]
| mod_version =
| min_TNG_ver = 10.0.1
| max_TNG_ver = 10.0.3
| TNG_file_list =
getperson.php, <br />genlib.php, <br />globallib.php, <br />personlib.php, <br />languages/English/cust_text.php, <br />languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php, <br />css/genstyle.css| related_mods = My Originally part of [[Regroup Family Person Profile]] mod does some . Now part of a family of related mods that affect the same things to (uh, rather, "for"!) the standard TNG Family Group sheetPerson Profile.| notes = This is a very large mod, and was not written with the intent that it be shared as a public mod. It conflicts with many does work independently of any other TNG mods. See Compatibility with Other Mods to in the leftRegroup Person family.
*** DRAFT ****
== Purpose of the Mod ==
To rearrange On the data in the person profile in a way that I find more readable, with less scrolling. In particular:# Just the most basic Person information is listed first, then parents, marriages, and "Other Personal Data".# Subheadings are added above parents, marriages, other personal data, the event map, and source citations.# The date, place, and possible descriptive text for an event are combined into a single cell of the HTML table. Profile page (Regular event notes are still displayed on a row below the date and placegetperson.php)# I've moved the person's ID number to the heading, right below the person's name, next to the thumbnail photo, and defined a new style class that distinguished the I from an l or 1. # The Event Map is enlarged a bit, as I've eliminated the mostly-blank left-hand column. It can also be hidden and re-displayed.# Initially, I show only the source title for all sources. The details can be displayed and re-suppressed.# In the print-friendly page format, I ignore the cell height for the Sources, figuring that, when you print the page, you want to see all of the sources. Again, initially, the sources show only the source title. AFTER you generate the printer-friendly page, you can click on a button to expand all of the sources.# See also the mod parameters, the Mods whose functionality has been incorporated into this mod, and the visualizations. ==Mod Parameters==# The HTML cellpadding parameter that controls whitespace within the HTML data tables.# Whether to suppress suppresses ALL data for living or and private people that to whom the user is does not allowed to seehave access. TNG normally will display deceased parents and spouses of living people. By defaultdisplays some dates, this mod suppresses that data. Changing this parameter value can restore TNG's default display of living people.# Whether to display Person ID's for parents, spouses, and children. This is not a default functionality of TNG, and is turned off by default. See the visualization below.
==Compatibility With Other Mods==
'''This mod is a veritable foggy highway pileup of collisions with other There are so many small mods. If a mod affects that affect the Person Profile and isnthat I haven't listed here, you should assume that there will be conflicts.* Regroup Person Profile is compatible with [[Census Plus International]], [[Event Map add children mod]], [[Geocode Assist Mod]], [[Google Maps - More Place Levels Mod]], [[Living Color Mod]], [[Relationship Display Mod]], [[Same Person Link]], and [[Wiki Integration]]. (Note: I have tested the ''installation'' of [[Census Plus International]] and [[Wiki Integration]], but not their ''functionality''.)* [[User:Jefr58|Jeff Robison]] has created several mods that make small changes to the Person Profile (where them all against this mod makes several changes in one big mod). I'll address them as a group:** This mod (Regroup Person Profile) It is not definitely compatible with [[Add Person Age Row]], [[Add Person Cremated Row]], [[Default Photo Preview]], [[Family Edit Links Mod]], or [[Optional Person Rows]]. This mod does add a Cremated row, like [[Add Person Cremated Row]]** [[Relocate Person Photos]], and [[Submit Headstone Photo Mod]] can each be installed '''after'' this mod. Each of them creates a Bad Target error in Regroup Person Profile in Mod Manager, but the Person Profile still works. The Bad Target errors can be removed by removing (uninstalling) these two mods. In other words, in order to install or uninstall Regroup Person Profile, or to edit Regroup Person Profile's parameters, these two mods must be uninstalled.** Regroup Person Profile is completely compatible with [[Family Preview Mod]], [[Submit Photo/Document Form Mod]] and [[Submit Photo Tab Mod]]* This mod is NOT compatible with [[ID Prefix Format]], but, in essence, supersedes it, because it also uses an alternate font to make the "I" in person ID's distinct from "l" and "1".* This mod is also not compatible with [[Regroup Person Map]], but incorporates some of the functionality of [[Person Map]] in that it can hide and re-display the Event Map.* This mod conflicts with [[Adjust Date Column Width]], but makes [[Adjust Date Column Width]] pointless, since this mod combines the date and location columnsfamily.* If you implement [[Sources encounter a conflict and Citations Mod]]really want this functionality, it must be installed before this mod. This mod will break please send me a target in screen shot of the Mod Manager page showing the locations that mod, so this mod must be removed before [[Sources and Citations Mod]] can be removedconflict.
# Contact me through [ My Mod Support form].
== Custom Text ==
The following strings are defined in the English and English-UTF8 versions of cust_test.php. Note that I had to create strings that display "Husband" and "Wife", since the existing definitions of $text['husband'] and $text['wife'] display "Father" and "Mother".
<syntaxhighlight lang="php" enclose="div">
//rr - Strings used by the Regroup Person Profile Mod
$text['livingmessage'] = "When you are not logged in, you cannot see information about Living people.";
$text['privatemessage'] = "You do not have the rights to see this person's information";
$text['otherevents'] = "Other Personal Events";
$text['hidemap'] = "Hide Event Map";
$text['showmap'] = "Show Event Map";
$text['hidecite'] = "Hide Citation Details";
$text['showcite'] = "Show Citation Details";
$text['spousehusband'] = "Husband";
$text['spousewife'] = "Wife";
//rr - End of Strings used by the Regroup Person Profile Mod
== Controlling White Space with Classes ==
I have removed many hard breaks from the PHP code, and made sure that there are CSS classes in css/genstyle.css that you can use to control the vertical whitespace between page elements. Specifically,
# All of the data tables (basic personal data, parents, families, other personal data, the event map, each media type, etc.) are now identified with the class "datatable", which has a new style rule that defines margin-bottom:1ex; to provide some whitespace between the tables. If you want to adjust that whitespace, it is probably best not to edit the rule I have defined, because modifying that rule will prohibit the mod from uninstalling cleanly. Instead, you should add a new style rule such as .datatable {margin-bottom:1em;} somewhere below the style I have added.
# A hard break has been removed from the bottom of the standard TNG page-specific "innermenu" - the horizontal menu bar which, on the personal profile, has what I'll call pseudo-buttons labeled Personal Information, Media, Sources, etc. To restore that whitespace in all affected pages, you can apply a bottom margin to the TNG standard .pub-innermenu class, with a style rule such as .pub-innermenu { margin-bottom:1em; }
== Displaying Person and Family IDs with Style Classes ==
All Person and Family ID's on this page (including the ones that are displayed only when the Display ID's mod parameter is True) are displayed by the new function displayID() in personlib.php. That function uses the style class .idvalue, which is now defined in /css/genstyle.css, and can be re-defined by TNG site administrators. Another style class, .idletter, is available in case a TNG site administrator wants to distinguish the first letter from the rest of the ID.
If you want to highlight person ID's by using an alternate color, you really should put a style rule defining .idvalue and/or .idletter in your template's mytngstyle.css file, since, if you change the template, colors defined in /css/genstyle.css might not be visible.
== Mod Change History ==
! Note
|| 10.0.1-10.0.3| 10Aug2014| Modified the way Person and Family ID's are displayed, and added the capability of displaying Person ID's for parents and children.|- || 10.0.1-10.0.2| 23Jun201426 Dec 2014| Fixed a bug that broke hyperlinks to husband or wife if the string "Family" is in Initial release; separated this mod from the tree ID.|- || 10.0.1-10.0.2| 13May2014| Now handles sub-event data entered in TNG, like Agency, Cause, Address, etc.|- || 10.0.1-10.0.2| 12May2014| Changed a hard break to a div to work better with larger [[Relationship Display ModRegroup Person Profile]], and moved the changes in cust_text from the top of the file (where, I've learned, some people don't have the distribution comments) mod to reduce the bottom of the file. |- || 10.0.1-10.0.2| 30Apr2014| Fixed to work with TNG v10.0.2 as well as v10.0.1|- || 10.0.1| 26Apr2014| Used classes more effectively chances and eliminated some side effects that could show up in other TNG modules.|-|| 10.0.1| 21Apr2014| Accommodated the installation consequences of [[Geocode Assist Mod]] and [[Wiki Integration]]. Displays the "I" in the Person ID in a font that distinguishes it from "l" and "1".|- || 10.0.1| 17Apr2014| Removed a couple of changes and changed a couple of others to improve compatibility with other mods - specifically [[Family Preview Mod]] and mods that tweak the Event Map Pins legend.|- || 10.0.1| 16Apr2014| Fixed bugs that (1)repeated marriage information for people with multiple marriages &amp; (2) didn't always display the person id number and edit date. Also accommodated another mod.|- || 10.0.1| 15Apr2014| Initial releaserunning into conflicts.
{| border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="wikitable"
|<span style="color: red">''' BEFORE AND AFTER OVERVIEW'''</span> Click on the image below to see larger side-by-side non-annotated before and after images. Note that the media files have been clipped out because they haven't changed. But the personal and family data is now laid out differently, the Event Map is now slightly wider, and the Sources, by default, show only the titles, not the full citation information.|-| [[File:regroup_person_profile-both.png|637x670px]]|- | <span style="color: red">'''BEFORE:'''</span> '''The personal data section of the original version of the Personal Profile.''' Note the red comments that indicate how the layout has been changed by the mod. |-| [[Image:regroup_person_profileregroup_person-before1no_living_data-before.png]]
| <span style="color: red">'''AFTER:'''</span> '''The personal AND family data in the new format'''. Note that the circled generic thumbnail is smaller, so that it takes up no more vertical space than the heading next to it. |-| [[Image:regroup_person_profile-after1.png]]|-| <span style="color: red">'''AFTER:'''</span> '''The Parents and Family Blocks showing Person ID's'''. When the third Mod Parameter is turned on, the Person ID's for the parents, spouses, and children are displayed.|-| [[Image:regroup_person_profile-after-ids.png]]|-| <span style="color: red">'''AFTER:'''</span> '''The new Event Map''', which is wider than before because I have eliminated the colored left-hand column, and put the Event Map label in the whitespace above the map. I have also modified the layout of the first pin legend so it wastes less space, and so that it wraps more cleanly when the page is narrow enough to require wrapping. Also note the button circled in red at the top right, which changes to "Show Event Map" when the Event Map is hidden.|-| [[Image:regroup_person_profile-after-map.png]]|-| <span style="color: red">'''AFTER:'''</span> '''The new Sources block''', which, like the Event Map, no longer uses the colored leftregroup_person-hand column, and has its label in the whitespace above the sources. I have not changed the height of the Sources table, which, in TNGv10, has a fixed height and scrolls vertically when that height is exceeded. But I have reduced the amount of data that is displayed (initially), as I display only the Source titles, not source citation details. (It is just coincidence that the example profile I chose has 12 sources which fit into the defined space without any vertical scrolling.) Note the circled button at the upper right, which changes to "Hide Citation Details" when the details are displayed.|-| [[Image:regroup_person_profileno_living_data-after-sources.png]]
! User-language
| [http://wwwlocalhost:8080/ Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database]
| [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]
| Mod developer
| 10.0.3
| English
| [ MOTYER Family Genealogy]
| [[User:JMM|John Mark Motyer]]
| Public site
| 10.0.2
| EN, DE, RU
| [ Turner mob family Genealogy]
| [[User:Mgrogan|Margaret Turner]]
| Public site
| 10.0.3
| EN
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