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Category:Mods for TNG v10

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With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the [[Mod Manager]] cfg files to install the Mods. <br />
Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you '''should not delete the English folder''', which also contains the Admin Help files.<br />You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.<br />See [[TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners]] for an explanation on the mod version number meaning. <span style="color: red">You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version</span>.}}
| {{Tv1010}}
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v12''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v12|Mods for TNG v12]]
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v11''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v11|Mods for TNG v11]]
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v9''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v9|Mods for TNG v9]]
*For Mods that are compatible to '''TNG v8''' click here: [[:Category:Mods for TNG v8|Mods for TNG v8]]
*Click here for information on [[:Category:Other Scripts|Other Scripts]]
The following are newly added or updated mods in the [[:Category:Mods for TNG v10|Mods for TNG v10]] category: ('''Note''' that you can click on the '''Hide DetailsCollapse''' link below on the table right to hide this table) <toggledisplay statusdiv class="show" showtext="[Show Details]" hidetext="[Hide Details]" linkstyle="font'mw-size:smaller"collapsible'
: '''<span style="color: red">Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.<br/> Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.</span>
! Description
! Developer
|- valign="top"
| 11 Nov 2019
| [[Tables of Descendants]]
| Update
| Fixed php constant errors (Thanks to Brent Hemphill for the heads up on this issue)
| [[User:Fruin|Jim Graham]]
| 5 Nov 2019
| [[Insert Children Gender]]
| Update
| v9.2.2.1
| This mod right aligns child number and adds gender symbol for children in Family section on person page. Code simplified, location conflict removed.
| [[User:Brett|Brett McPhee]]
| 29 Jan 20152 Oct 2019| [[TNG V10.1 ModsRemove Gender Row]]| UpdatedNEW| variousv9.2.2.0| List of mods updated for TNG 10.1This mod removes the Gender Row from the individual's page. Included is a list of some mods that are now obsolete| Multiple[[User:Brett|Brett McPhee]]
| 26 Jan 201522 Sep 2019| [[Similarity search modMove Notes Above Map]] |NEW| Updated || 10v10.1.03.0| Updated for TNG V10This mod moves the Notes section to above the Map display on the individual's page.1| [[User:carheuBrett|Carlos HeuserBrett McPhee]]
| 23 Jan 201515 Sep 2019| [[Family Chart ModShow End of Lines]] |NEW| Updated || 10v10.01.3.2b,| Minor corrections This mod displays the 1st ancestor in the paternal line and updates for 10the first ancestor in the maternal line of an individual on the individual's page.0| [[User:mkoche|A.3 and same for 10S.1.0.| DuPree]]<br />[[User:Chris MossBrett|Chris MossBrett McPhee]]
| 21 Jan 20159 Sep 2019| [[No Captcha reCAPTCHA Add-onOther Spouses]]| UpdateNEW| 10v10.| New, easy to use captcha that uses the latest [ Google reCAPTCHA] tool which is a simple check box for most visitors. This update corrects an issue where variable parameters were not being passed through to mod displays other Spouses on the appropriate form. Credit goes to Jeff Robison for catching thisperson page.| [[User:Bsl20b50mkoche|Bryan A.S. LarsonDuPree]]<br />[[User:Brett|Brett McPhee]] 
| 19 Jan 20159 Sep 2019| [[Default Photo Not Set on ImportShow Children Spouses]]| NewNEW| 10v10.| This mod prevents displays the default photo from being set spouses of children on an import from the _PRIM Y parameterindividual page. This is helpful if you are using the | [[Media_-_Default_Images#Alternate_wayUser:mkoche|Alternate WayA.S. DuPree]] of defining the default photo using '''treeID.personID.jpg'''. | <br />[[User:Ken RoyBrett|KenBrett McPhee]]
| 18 January 20158 Sep 2019| * [[Family Edit Links Mod]]* [[Family Indicators Mod]]* [[Family Preview Mod]]* [[Media Preview Auto Height]]* [[No Headstone Photo Report]]* [[Private Trees]]* [[Redundant Person Tabs]]* [[Submit Headstone Photo Mod]]* [[Submit Photo/Document Form Mod]]* [[Surname Cloud TooltipShow Stepparents]]| UPDATENEW| v10.1.03.0| Updated for TNG V10.1This mod displays Stepparents (with marriage dates if available) in a row under all previous Family detail.| [[User:Jefr58mkoche|A.S. DuPree]]<br />[[User:Brett|JeffBrett McPhee]]
| 17 Jan 20152 Dec 2018| [[TextPlus ChartsOpenStreetMap]]| Update|| One Map setting displayed a blank square for the map, but did show pins in the Event table and the Legend. Thanks to Patricia Hobbs for the alert.<br/>An annoying out-zoom when toggled at zoom > 16 removed.| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 6 Nov 2018| [[Show Husband or Wife mod]]
| Update
| 10v10.1.3.1b| Norwegian translation by Helge H| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 20 October 2018| [[Open My Page]]| Update| V10.0.0.4b| Danish still caused problem, not reported. Fixed| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]|- valign="top"| 13 October 2018| [[Add Attachment Link]]| Update| V9.0.0.1| Updated to work with TNG V9+ so mod will translate when suggest.php is called from a placesearch. Corrected syntax errors in lines 85 and 94.| [[User:Rgstrong|Russ Strong]]|- valign="top"| 2October 2018| [[Cemeteries Display Expanded]] | Update| V8.1.0.3| Added a tngwiki link and brought config file up to current mod standards and wiki and changed name to conform to wiki standards.7 &amp; | [[User:Rgstrong|Russ Strong]]|- valign="top"| 14 Sept 2018| [[Rip Prevention Mod]]| Update|| Moved update mod to fix an issue with the printer-formatting menu to Show Access being unreadable in Templates 9, 13, and 14. Also fixed a possible issue with the TNG Pretty-Print screenClick Counter II Email Notify mod.| [[User:RobinrichmBhemph|Robin RichmondBrent Hemphill]]
| 17 22 Jan 20152018| [[Floating Report Editor]]| New|| Makes the Report Editor more usable on wide screens. (TNG v10.1-compatible)| [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Cemetery EditShow PHP Error Log]]
| Update
| 9v10.20.23.5 &amp; 10| * Renamed from Show System Errors Log Mod and updated by Ken Roy to fix overlay of Mod Manager clearlog text in languages other than English<br />* Added cust_text.1.0php for French-UTF8 <br />* Added cust_text.5php for Czech-UTF8, German-UTF8, and Spanish-UTF8 provided by Ron Krzmarzick<br />| TNG v10* Added cust_text.1 versionphp for Swedish-UTF8 provided by Erik Hoppe| [[User:RobinrichmKenRoy|Robin RichmondKen Roy]]
| 17 21 Jan 20152018| [[Cemeteries Admin List]]| UPDATE|| TNG v10.1-compatible & minor visual updates| [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Admin Users MenuBurial Website Media Import]]
| Update
| 9v9.0.0.210| TNG v10* Change to new URL for Find A Grave.1-compatible. Adds 3 columns to This includes adding "/memorial/" in the selection list, with a hyperlink to match_url* Expanded the user's genealogy profile.| Updated search for existing media by [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Admin Reports List]]| New| 9.2.2matching IDs for media and burial citations instead of just the media URL.1| Adds columns to the Admin report selection list &amp; adds a Create Report form within This allows for updating older links even if the Admin report selection screenURL structure changes.| [[User:Robinrichmwvoigt|Robin RichmondWendel Voigt]]
| 17 10 Jan 20152018| [[Admin Media SearchForum for TNG]]
| Update
| 9v10.01.03.4 &amp; 10| The Dec 7 version included an old file making <b>NEW install</b> impossible.1Did not affect updates.0<br />THANK YOU Ray W.5| Bug fix; TNG v10for the alert, and patience.1 version| [[User:RobinrichmXerxX|Robin RichmondErik Hoppe]]
| 17 Jan 201522 Dec 2017| [[Regroup Person ProfileSimple SEO]]
| Update
| 10.0v10.1.13| Major update; splits some functionality out into several new mods to reduce mod conflicts. | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Regroup Person-Date Place]]| New|| Combines event date, place, and description into one table cell in Personal Profiles. Was part of [[Regroup Person Profile]] | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Regroup Person-Move Media]]| New|| Moves Person Profile medial file display from below Corrects an issue with living persons names being displayed on the map to above the map. Was part of [[Regroup Person Profile]] | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Regroup Person-No Living Data]]| New| 10.0Family Group banner.1.12| In the Person Profile, suppress ALL data Adds internationalization support for living and private people. Was part of [[Regroup Person Profile]] | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Regroup Person-Other IDs]]| New|| In the Person ProfileDutch, display child, parentCzech, and spouse Person IDs in a distinve fontPolish. Was part of [[Regroup Person Profile]] | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[Regroup Person-Parent Rel]]| New| This version is recommended for users with TNG release| In 0 and will be the Person Profile, suppress "natural" relationship between child and parent. Was part of [[Regroup Person Profile]] | [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]|-| 17 Jan 2015| [[FindAGrave-FTM-RR]]| New| last update to this mod TNG| Facilitates links for Family Tree Maker users. (TNG v10.1-compatible)| [[User:Robinrichmwrherndon|Robin RichmondBill Herndon]]
| 11 Jan 201506 October 2017| [[Burial Website Media Import]]| UPDATE| v9.0.0.5|* minor mod formatting fixes to conform to the new mod standards* fixed one more mysql_ statement* changed $BWMI_mod['web']['x']['tagline'] to be a regular expression to match more complicated web site taglines* added dash to $BWMI_mod['web']['BG']['match_url']| [[User:Wvoigt|Wendel Voigt]]|-| 1 Jan 2015| [[Family Chart ModDefault Not Living]]
| v10v9.0.30.10| This provides a new family chart, consisting of a family and those of mod changes the two parents, which can be used to navigate a family tree.| [[User:Chris Moss|Chris Moss]]|-| 30 December 2014| [[Show Nicknames]]| UPDATE| v10.0.3.4| Added parameter to control how nicknames are displayed. Added support TNG default living flag for both ISO new people and UTF-8 character encoding. Nickname is no longer displayed in name row of getperson.php page (superfluous as the nickname is already displayed in the row below that).| [[User:nkristensen|Niels]]|-| 27 December 2014| [[Census Plus International]]| UPDATE| v10.0.0.2g| Updated new families to import several new formats of the 1920 US Census | [[User:Ken Roy|Ken]]|-| 24 December 2014| [[No Headstone Photo Report]]| UPDATE| v10.0.0.1b| Page number was not highlighting - Fixedliving.
| [[User:Jefr58|Jeff]]
| 6 December 201422 Aug 2017| [[Citation Master Basic Bot-Trap Mod]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10V10.| Adds support for switching configuration files as a Mod Manager variable. This allows users Small update to keep multiple configuration files for different purposes and makes the process of customizing Citation Master's configuration a bit less cumbersome. (Note better recognize TNG installations that are not in the Mod Manager has no way of moving your custom configuration to the 'extensions' directory or even identifying a custom configuration. Keeping track of the location and name of a custom configuration is up to the userweb root.) Also corrected an issue that caused errors with page header generation in some installations of TNG 10.0.3. This update is recommended for all users better compatibility with modern versions of TNG 10.0.1 and laterphp.| [[User:wrherndonBsl20b50|Bill HerndonBryan]]
| 27 November 20149 Jul 2017| [[Relationship Display ModCount Ancestors n Descendants]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10V10.01.01.13d| Fixed a couple of issues concerning page navigation when changing languageCorrected Dutch translation kindly provided by Bernard Wortelboer.| [[User:Jefr58XerxX|JeffErik Hoppe]]
| 20 November 201424 June 2017| [[Show Error Logs ModCousins]]| NEWNew & update| v10.01.3.02c| Adds Provides a list of cousins for an Admin menu item individual (up to display any distance) and optionally clear, the system error logalso tables of all cousin marriages in a tree and all multiple (in-law) marriages between two families. Fixes a number of bugs in earlier versions. | [[User:HiTowerUKChris Moss|Roger MitchellChris]]
| 19 November 201421 June 2017| [[Citation Master Basic ModNearD Support]]| UPDATEUpdate| v10.| Adds support for PDF reports as well as support for the page, description, and quality citation fieldsNo additional functionality. This updated is recommended for all TNG users of TNG Syncs version numbers to remain aligned with v10.1.0.2 and above due to improvements in 3 of the way that source [[NearDark_Template|NearDark]] and citation queries are executed against the [[NearDawn_Template|NearDawn]] templates. Tested with TNG databaserelease 11.1.1.
| [[User:wrherndon|Bill Herndon]]
| 02 November 2014
| [[Burial Website Media Import]]
| v9.0.0.4
* Fixed problem with using $text['BWMI_web'] multi-dimentional arrays by changing $text[] to $BWMI_mod[] to hold all mod settings.
* To help with "What's New", only set media changedate upon creation.
* Added tng_ versons of mysql_ to be compatible with TNG 10.1.0 as well as backwards compatible.
* Added %wikipage% in cfg file for TNG 10.1.0
* Updated mod description and added link to the TNG Wiki mod page.
* Minor tweaks on the Dutch 'match_record' entries (removed ID references)
* Added option to delete years like '(yyyy - yyyy)' from the link title. $BWMI_mod['web']['x']['title_no_year']='1';
* Added definition of website tag line (i.e., the extra stuff on the title, like name of the website) $BWMI_mod['web']['x']['tagline'] = '- Find A Grave Memorial';
* Added option to change the title used in the link. $BWMI_mod['web']['x']['title_template'] can be used to define the title.
| [[User:Wvoigt|Wendel Voigt]]

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