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Place Map

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The administrator can decide what year intervals are reasonable for displaying the data and which of those will be used as a default range. These intervals are then provided to the user of the page. When the intervals are turned on in the Map Options area, only those places with events during that year interval range will be displayed. The timeline below the map will show which interval is being displayed. Controls are then provided to step forward or backward one interval. Controls are also provided to skip to the beginning or end of all the intervals. The total interval range is based upon the dates in the data and will extend from the first dated event at a geocoded location to the latest dated event at a geocoded location.
== Examples == == Examples = Full Page ===
This example shows the full page, with a 20 year interval starting in 1880 and ending in 1899. The forward arrows will advance the time to 1900 to 1919 and the map will adjust accordingly.
Also note the Map options in the upper right hand corner of the map and the side bar of displayed places in the lower right part of the screen. The sidebar of place names is scrollable and searchable. It will only display names of places currently displayed on the map. Places are only displayed if they are in the correct date range, have the place type selected, and have a selected event type. Using these controls, you can see just births, or just deaths or any combination you choose.
[[image:Place Map Example1.jpg|Place_Map]]
=== Window from Sidebar selection ===
This example shows the place "New Braunfels, Comal Co., Texas" selected in the sidebar. The number of places in the sidebar was narrowed by the search field. In the map area, after the link was selected, a window was opened to show information about the place. The top title field, when clicked, will open the TNG page for that place. Icons at the bottom of the window let you zoom in, zoom out, or zoom to the place on the map.
[[image:Place Map Example2.jpg|Place_Map]]
=== Mod Options Page ===
This is an example of the mod parameters that can be edited.
[[image:Place Map Example3.jpg|Place_Map]]
==[[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files | Automated Installation]] == === For TNG V10 and above ==={{TNG 10.0|and after}}# Download the appropriate zip file from the Mod Summary in the upper right hand corner # After downloading the zip file, unzip it into your '''mods''' folder# Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example [[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files]] to install the living_flag_backup.cfg. == Upgrade to new version == # In the Mod Manager, uninstall the Mod# Install the new version of the mod using the above procedure. == Changes to genlib.php ===
For older versions of the mod manager, a valid mod must change at least one file. To accomodate, this mod changes genlib.php to include a menu item "Places" that points to the place_map.php. This is the only change to TNG. All other files are provided by the mod.
=== Caution ===
While care has been taken to be as efficient as possible in dealing with the data, it is possible that this mod may work very slowly with large collections of data. The author's site has almost 1600 geocoded places used in over 8500 events in the TNG database and performance is still reasonable. But your results may differ.

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