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Mobile Site Enhancements

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Sites using this mod
|notes=This mod only applies to TNG v10.1 and up. You will also want to install:
* [[Life Dates Mobile]] if your are not using the [[Life Dates Mod]]
* [[Mobile Site No PreviewsEnhancements]]* [[Mobile Individual Page Map]]<br />* This mod conflicts with the '''[[Mobile MediaPublic Access Control]]* ''' mod which must be installed before the [[Responsive TablesMobile Site Enhancements]] series of mods
| mod_summary = provides enhancements to TNG when in mobile or tablet mode
| mod_validation =
| mod_last_update = 18 May 2019| download_link = <div style='overflow:none;'>for {{Tv1010Tv1210}}[http{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr /></div><div style='overflow:none;'>[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}] for{{Tv120}} <hr /></div><div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsible-content" id="mw-customcollapsible-sb1"><span class="mw-customtoggle-sb1 mw-customtoggle-sbdiv" style='text-decoration:underline;float:right;'>&#91;Show older versions&#93;</span></div><br /><div class='mw-collapsible mw-collapsible-content mw-collapsed' id="mw-customcollapsible-sbdiv"><div style='overflow:none;'>[ mobile_site_v10id=414&user={{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}] for{{Tv1111}} <hr /></div><div style='overflow:none;'>for {{Tv110}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}] <hr /></div><div style='overflow:none;'>for {{Tv1012}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br hr /></div><div style='overflow:none;'>for Family Chart mod tab {{Tv1010}}[http mobile_site_fcm_v10317&user={{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />for the Family tab, you need v10.0.3b of [[Family Chart Mod]]</div><div class="mw-customtoggle-sb1 mw-customtoggle-sbdiv" style='text-decoration:underline;float:right;'>&#91;Hide old versions&#93;</div><br /></div>| download_stats = [http View download statistics]
| mod_author = Ken Roy
| mod_url = [[Mobile Site Enhancements]] (This page)
| mod_support = [http://www.tngforumtng.uscommunity/ TNG Community Forums]| mod_contact = [http Ken Roy]| mod_version = 1012.1.0.5a for TNG v12,1+<br /> for TNG v12.0 0 12.0.3<br /> for TNG v11.1.1and up<br /> for TNG v11 and up<br />10.1.2 .4b for TNG V10.1.0 and up
| min_TNG_ver = 10.1.0
| max_TNG_ver = 10.1.112+| TNG_file_list = admin_genconfig.php (<br />admin_updateconfig.php (<br />functions.php (<br />browsemedia.php (<br />headstones.php (<br />genlib.php<br />globallib.php<br />getperson.php<br />personlib.php<br />adminlib.php<br />css/tngmobile.css<br />css/genstyle.css<br />template4/css/templatestyle.css| related_mods = [[Responsive Tables]](prior to TNG v11)<br />[[Life Dates Mobile]]<br />[[Mobile Media]] (prior to TNG v10.1.2)<br />[[Mobile Site No Previews]](prior to TNG v10.1.2<br />[[Mobile Individual Page Map]]<br />[[Mobile MediaFamily Chart Mod]]mobile version (prior to TNG v11)| notes = If you use the [[Family Chart Mod]], you will need the mobile version of that mod to change the icon tab into a text tab in TNG V10
If you are using the [[Family Chart Mod]], you also need to install the mobile enhancements for the Family Chart mod since it uses its own tab building function.
: Note that the Mobile Site Enhancements - Family Chart will cause the [[Family Chart Mod]] to be marked partially installed because the icon tab on smart phones is changed to a text taband has been withdrawn since it causes users to attempt a Clean up of the Family Chart Mod
Note that the some of the changes originally in this mod were moved to other mods during beta testing
* [[Mobile Site No Previews]] that suppresses the Person, and Family, and Image previews on smart phones* [[Mobile Site No Slideshow]] suppress the Slide Show on smart phones* [[Mobile Media]] that adjusts the image display when not using the Image Viewer and suppress the Slide Show on Image previews for smart phonesand tablets
* [[Mobile Individual Page Map]] that adjusts the Google Map display on the Individual Page
With TNG V11, the following are now obsolete
* the new version of the [[Family Chart Mod]] in TNG V10
* [[Mobile Site Fix Anniversaries]] - <span style="color: red">obsolete with TNG 10.1.2</span>
* [[Mobile Site No Previews]] - <span style="color: red">obsolete with TNG 10.1.2</span>
* [[Mobile Site No Slideshow]] - <span style="color: red">obsolete with TNG 10.1.2</span>
* [[Mobile Media]] - <span style="color: red">obsolete with TNG 10.1.2</span>
* [[Responsive Tables]] series of mods - <span style="color: red">obsolete with TNG 11</span>
== Advantages==
The tab as text can now be understood.
{{TNG 11.0 | and after}}The Mobile Section in TNG V11 is now modified to offer choices for
* where Site Name is displayed
** In menu bar
** Below menu bar
* how the tabs are displayed
** As a TNG pull down
** As text only tabs (without icons)
== Developer ==
* Conflicts with [[Add DNA Test Results]] mod {{Tv110}}
: If you install the Add DNA Test Results mod you must install the Mobile Site Enhancements first
: After you install the Add DNA Test Results mod, the [[Mobile Site Enhancements]] will show a Bad Target at line 383 in Mod Manager
: Both mods are actually install and show work correctly.
: <span style="color: red">'''Caution: Do NOT attempt to Clean Up the Partial Install condition'''</span>
* Conflicts with [[Media Preview Fixed]] mod
: In standard, the preview is obtained by tapping on the thumbnail. Tapping again removes the preview.
: With your Mobile Site Enhancements installed, the preview appears, but it cannot be removed by tapping again.
* Conflicts with [[Public Access Control]]
: If you install the Public Access Control mod, you must uninstall the [[Mobile Site Enhancements]] and install it after the [[Public Access Control]] mod
== Revision History ==
! Date
! Contents
| v12.1.0.5a
| 18 May 2019
| Updated mod to no longer show the install dependency with the [[Public Access Control]] mod.
| v12.1.0.5
| 7 May 2019
| Updated mod to eliminate conflict with [[Person Media Title]] mod.
| v12.1.0.4a
| 24 Mar 2019
| Updated mod to display conflict with [[Public Access Control]] mod. No code changes from v12.1.0.3 in TNG 12.1
| v12.1.0.4
| 14 Mar 2019
| Updated mod for code change in TNG 12.1
| v12.0.0.3
| 1 May 2018
| Updated mod for code change in TNG 12
| v11.1.1.2
| 1 May 2017
| Updated mod for code change in TNG 11.1.1 Note that the conflict with the [[Add DNA Test Results]] mod which must be installed after this mod cannot be resolved. Installation note added in mod description section. Note if using PHP 7.1.1 an update to classes\modinstaller.class.php is required.
| v11.0.0.1
| 18 March 2016
| Updated mod to resolve conflict with Erik Hoppe's [[Public Access Control]] mod which must be installed first
| v11.0.0.0
| 15 March 2016
| Updated mod for TNG V11 to use the Mobile Section in Admin > Setup > General Settings to set options
Includes class=thumbnail changes that were previously in the [[Responsive Tables]] mod that were not incorporated in TNG v11 implementation of [[Responsive Tables in TNG v11|Responsive Tables]]
| v10.1.2.4b
| 24 September 2015
| Updated mod to use $sitename if the template does not have a maintitle, like Template 8. Provided by Bryan Larson
| v10.1.2.4a
| 30 July 2015
| Updated mod to prevent printing <title> twice. Provided by Roger Moffat
| v10.1.2.4
| 6 July 2015
| Updated mod for TNG 10.1.2
| v10.1.0.3
| 14 June 2015
| Updated mod to
* add changes to genlib.php that will be in the next TNG upgrade after TNG 10.1.1
* relocate the code that creates the mobile site title so that it comes before the call to the tng_mobileicons function to avoid a blank site name
| v10.1.0.2a
| 28 April 2015
| Updated mod to fix the thumbnails display on the Individual getperson.php page by
* adding the genstyle.css for .thumbnails and .eventdatecol which are in the [[Responsive Tables]] mod to allow this mod to be installed without having to install the responsive tables
* modified another location in personlib.php for media linked to events to use the new external css classes
| v10.1.0.2
See [[Mobile Site Enhancements beta]] for Revision History during beta testing.
* use of the Header Title 1 from the Template Settings is used for the mobile menu bar title
: unless not using a template in which case the Site Name in General Settings is used
* if using the [[Family Chart Mod]], then you should
** uninstall that mod
** install the Family Chart Mobile Mod. If the mobile version is not posted contact the Family Chart Mod developer
==[[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files | Automated Installation]] ==
| [[File:Mobile_enhancement_Admin.png|600px|Mod Manager After]]
== Reported Issues ==
{| border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="wikitable"
! Issue
! Reported By
! Mod Version
! style="width: 40%;"|Problem Description
! style="width: 40%;"|Comments
! Resolved
| Tabs are not readable
| Sandor van Seeventer
| V10.1.0.2
| But the tekst in the tabs with an individual is not readable/scrambled (via tablet)
| Go to Admin > Setup > General Settings > Site Design and change the Tabs Style Sheet: to use '''tngtabs2.css'''
See [[Mobile Site Enhancements beta]] for issues resolved during beta testing.
== Related Links ==
===General Information===
[[Mobile Mode Display]]
[[Tuning for Mobile Display]]
[[Formatting Tables for Mobile Display]]
===Incorporated in to TNG 10.1===
[[Mobile Media]] - adjusts the Image display when not using the Image Viewer and adjusts the Image Preview for smart phones and tablets was incorporated into TNG v10.1
[[Mobile Site No Previews]] - eliminates Person, and Family previews for smart phones was incorporated into TNG v10.1
[[Mobile Site No Slideshow]] - suppresses the Slide Show for smart phones and tablets was incorporated into TNG v10.1
===Incorporated in to TNG 11===
[[Responsive Tables]] - adjusts TNG table displays based on screen widths is incorporated into TNG v11
===Mods that are applicable for TNG 11===
[[Mobile Individual Page Map]] - adjusts the Google Event Map on smart phones and tablets
[[Mobile Site Enhancements]] - several adjustments for smart phones and tablets
[[Life Dates Mobile]] - adjusts the date displays for smart phones and tablets as an alternative to [[Life Dates Mod]] which always puts the birth and death dates on separate lines
[[Responsive Tables in TNG v11]]
== Sites using this mod ==
! User-language
| [http Our Roy and Boucher Family]
| [[User:Ken Roy|Ken Roy]]
| I developed this mod to make the Individual page display better on a smart phone.
| 1012.1.0.25a| 1012.1.0
| EN, FR
|}-| [ Familie van Seeventer]| [[User:see7ter|Sandor van Seeventer]]| Public site|| 12.0.1 beta 2| DE, EN, NL|-| [ Wortelboer Genealogy]| [[User:Bernard57|Bernard Wortelboer]]| || 11.0.0| NL, EN|-| [ Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy]| [[User:hiraeth|Graham Chamberlain]]||| 12.0.1| EN,NL,FR,DE,ES|-| [ Our Family Saga]| Del Groves||| 10.1.1| EN|-| [ Kemp(e) Family History]| [[User:Kempons|Andrew Kemp]]|| see [[User:Kempons]]| see [[User:Kempons]]| EN|-| [ Andersson - Hoppe - Sahlin - Thorell]| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]| Public / Private|| 11.1.2| SE, EN, DE|-| [ Luithlenfamilie]| [[User:pingo|Ingo Wagner]]| Not a Public site|| 11.1.2| DE, EN, NO, FR|-| [ Roots & Relatives Remembered]| [[User:Tngrlkrz|Ron Krzmarzick]]| Public & Private|| [ Reported Issues =3&sortby=filename See Here]| EN,DE,CS,ES|-| [ OurLife Family History - McMullen Clan]See | [[Mobile Site Enhancements betaUser:Seanst|Sean Thompson]] for issues resolved during beta testing| Not a public site. || 11.1.0| English== Related Links ==|-| [ Familles GINTER et WERSANT]| [[Life Dates MobileUser:Ginwer|Jean-Pierre Ginter]] | Not a public site. || 11.1.1| English, French, German|- adjusts | [ Ancestry of the date displays for smart phones Brown Family]| [[User:MistyBrown79|Misty Bearman]]| || 11.1.0| English|-| [ DuPree Family Center]| [[User:Mkoche|Andrew DuPree]]| | | 12.1| English|-| [ Wilton, Brimson, Munro and tablets as an alternative to Forward Families]| [[Life Dates ModUser:Malleefowl|Sharon Lewis]]| || 11.1.0| English|-| [ Drzewo Genealogiczne Rodziny Pepel] which always puts the birth | [[User:Pepelk|Klemens Pepel]]| Not a public site|| 11.1.1| English|-| [ OurRoots&amp;Relatives - genealogy pages of Anne Hegland and death dates on separate lines Kåre Kjøllesdal]| [[User:Kare|Kåre Kjøllesdal]]| Not a public site|| 11.1.1| Norwegian|-| [ Wakefield Ancestry]| [[User:Billy-W|William Wakefield]]| Not a public site|| 11.1.1| English|-| [ Rintoul/Bowman Family]| [[Mobile Mode DisplayUser:Adrintoul|Andrew Rintoul]] | Public/Private|| 12.0| EN, DE, ES, FR|-| [ Our Immigrant Ancestors]| [[Mobile MediaUser:Uncabunca|Jim Larson]] | Public/Private|| 12.0.3| Norwegian, English|- adjusts the Image display when not using the Image Viewer| [ Bastiaanssen Genealogy]| [[User:Janbastiaanssen|Jan Bastiaanssen]]| Public/Private|| 11.1.1| Dutch, English, Portuguese, suppresses the Slide Show on Show Media for smart phones and adjusts the Slide Show on tabletsSpanish|-| [ Cole / Tanner Family Tree]| [[User:dlcole|David Cole]]| Public/Private| [[User:Dlcole|see here]]| [[Mobile Individual Page MapUser:Dlcole|see here]] | English|- adjusts the Google Event Map on smart phones and tablets| [ Martius Family]| [[Mobile Site EnhancementsUser:hemar|Hendrik Martius]] | Half public|| 12.0.1| DE, EN, FR, NL|- several adjustments for smart phones and tablets| [ Racine d'Alsace]| [[Mobile Site No PreviewsUser:Louis42|J-Louis Valory]] | Public/Private - T17 customized|| 12.0.2| FR|-| [ Barta- eliminates ImageJoggele Online aus Mauren, Liechtenstein]| [[User:Geraldomeier|Gerald Meier]]| Private|| 12.1| DE, EN, FR, PersonES, and Family previews for smart phonesPT|-| [ Leicestershire Antills & Connected Families]| [[User:TGLE|John Antill]]| Public|| 12.1| EN|-|}
[[Responsive Tables]] -adjusts TNG table displays based on screen widths
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[[Category:Mods for TNG v11]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v10]]
[[Category:genlib.php mods]]

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