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Regroup Person-No Living Data

504 bytes added, 15:23, 21 February 2016
New version: 15, with show mod names functionality
| mod_summary = On the Person Profile page (getperson.php), suppresses ALL data for living and private people to whom the user does not have access.
| mod_validation =
| download_link = For {{Tv1010}}{{Tv1010}}<br />[[|]]{{Tv1001}}
| download_stats =
| mod_author = [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]
| mod_contact = [ My Mod Support form]
| mod_support = [ My Mod Support form] or [ TNG Community Forums]
| mod_version =
| min_TNG_ver = 10.0.1
| max_TNG_ver = 10.01.13
| TNG_file_list = getperson.php
| related_mods = Originally part of [[Show Mod Names, Regroup Person Profile]]. Now part of a * - the family of related mods that affect the Person Profile.(See [[Regroup Person Profile]])| notes = This mod does can work independently of any the other mods in the Regroup Person family.
{| style="margin-right:0.5 em;" align="right"
| __TOC__
==Compatibility With Other Mods==
There are so many small mods that affect the Person Profile that I haven't tested them all against this mod. But this is a small mod, and I haven't seen any conflicts yet. It is definitely compatible with other mods in the Regroup Person* family. If you encounter a conflict and really want this functionality, please send me a screen shot of the Mod Manager page showing the locations that conflict. ==Dependencies==This mod is dependent on [[Show Mod Names|Show Mod Names v2]]. You don't need [[Show Mod Names]] to install it, but you'll get a run-time error if [[Show Mod Names|Show Mod Names v2]] has not been installed.
* A working TNG installation.
* An installed current version of the [[Mod Manager]].
* You should backup files listed in getperson.php, the panel on the rightonly file that this mod affects.
==Automated Installation==
! Date
! Note
| 10.0.1-10.1.3
| 20 Feb 2016
| No new end-user functionality; just added [[Show Mod Names]] functionality and dependency, and updated the mod number to stay in sync with [[Regroup Person Profile]].

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