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Search Form Help mod

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| mod_summary = Provides a Help button on the 'Home', 'Search People' and 'Search Families' pages, that links to a new 'Search Help' file
| mod_validation = The mod is XHTML compliant.[[Image:Valid-xhtml10.png|44px]]
| download_link = [[|]][[|]][[|]][]
| mod_support = [ My Mod Support]
| mod_contact = [ Contact Developer]
| mod_version = V11.0.0.1a 2a or V11.0.0.2b 3b or V11.0.0.2c 3c for TNG11
| min_TNG_ver = 8.0.0 using integrated Mod Manager<br />TNG 7.1.0 requires manual installation of Mod Manager
| max_TNG_ver = 11.0.0
The mod is provided in three forms:
* A basic mod (v10.0.0.0a & v11.0.0.1a2a) adds a 'Help' button to the 'Search People' and 'Search Families' pages.* A separate version (v10.0.0.1b & v11.0.0.2b3b) of the mod also adds a Help button or text link to each Template home page.* A version (v10.0.0.1c & v11.0.0.2c3c) that provides a separate cfg file for each Template.
{{Tv90}} {{Tv80}}
! Date
! Description
| V11.0.0.2a, V11.0.0.3b, V11.0.0.3c
| 23 April 2016
*Further enhancement for WordPress compatibility provided by Roger Moffat
| V11.0.0.1a, V11.0.0.2b, V11.0.0.2c

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