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Family Indicators Mod

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| mod_summary = Adds indicators for parents and spouses with ancestors, and children who are married on the person page.
| mod_validation = Latest mod is XHTML compliant.[[Image:Valid-xhtml10.png|44px]]
| download_link = <br />{{Tv110}}{{Tv1010}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />Preview options can be set in....<br />Admin Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> Names<hr />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />Mod version that works on iPad devices<hr />{{Tv100}}<br />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr /> {{Tv90}}<br />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br /><hr />No Popups<br />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[[ |]]<br />[[ |]]<br />[[ |]]<hr /> {{Tv80}}<br />[[ |]]<hr />
| download_stats = [ See download statistics]
| mod_author = Jeff Robison
Experienced, maintainer, administrator

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