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Mobile Site Enhancements

211 bytes added, 20:02, 4 May 2017
updated for TNG 11.1.1
| mod_summary = provides enhancements to TNG when in mobile or tablet mode
| mod_validation =
| download_link = for [{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{Tv1111PAGENAMEE}}] for{{Tv1111}} <hr />for {{Tv110}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr />for {{Tv1012}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr />for {{Tv1010}}[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />for the Family tab, you need v10.0.3b of [[Family Chart Mod]]
| download_stats = [ View download statistics]
| mod_author = Ken Roy
| v11.1.1.2
| 1 May 2017
| Updated mod for code change in TNG 11.1.1 Note that the conflict with the [[Add DNA Test Results]] mod which must be installed after this mod cannot be resolved. Note Installation note added in mod description section. Note if using PHP 7.1.1 an update to classes\modinstaller.class.php is required.
| v11.0.0.1

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