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Headstones Report

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|notes=This mod is in a beta testing state. I've been using it for a while, but
* It needs to be tested on other TNG sites,
* I haven't completed the description below, and
* I haven't created the visualizations this article needs
In truth, I have over 40 new and updated mods in this state, and I'd appreciate whatever help that anyone can offer.
So it would be great if you could download the mod, test it, and let me know how it works for you.
And if you're up for it, screenshots from before the mod was installed and after (annotated or not) would be a great help.
You're welcome to insert in the article, or just email them to me.
My email username is '''mail'', and my email domain is
Thanks in advance.
Robin Richmond 19:45, 2 April 2017 (CDT)
| mod_name = Headstones Report
| mod_summary = Updates the list of cemeteries in the end-user Cemetery Cemeteries and Headstones report, and in the showmap.php, which is called from the end-user Cemetery Report as well as from the places detail Detailed report.
| mod_validation =
| mod_last_update = 15 May 2018| download_link = For <div>[[|]]{{Tv110Tv120}}</div><div>[[|headstones_report_v11v11.0.0.1.zip2]] {{Tv110}}</div>
| download_stats =
| mod_author = [[User:Robinrichm|Robin Richmond]]
| mod_contact = [ My Mod Support form]
| mod_support = [ My Mod Support form] or [ TNG Community Forums]
| mod_version = v11.0.0.12 & v12.0.0.2
| min_TNG_ver = 11.0
| max_TNG_ver = 11at least 12.0.2| TNG_file_list = headstones.php, showmap.php, cust_text.php English, languages/Dutch/cust_text.php, languages/& Norwegian/cust_text.php
| related_mods = [[Show Mod Names]]
| notes =
== Purpose of the Mod ==This mod # Adds a tree column (when appropriate) to the Headstone Photos tables in headstones.php and showmap.php,# Can hide the Headstone Photos table from either or both programs, and# In the list of Cemeteries in headstones.php, it#* Adds the number of burials in the cemetery, and#* Allows more cemetery names to be displayed on one page.
{| style="margin-right:0.5 em;" align="right"
| __TOC__
More specifically:
Both programs typically are invoked through a Cemetery Search screen that does not specify a tree, and can thus display results from more than one tree. But the Headstone Photos tables in both programs omit any mention of the Tree that a person and photo belong to. The mod adds a tree column, if the database has more than one tree and no tree has been selected.
Identical Headstone Photos tables are presented by both headstones.php and showmap.php, even though the end-user Cemetery search process runs headstones.php links directly to showmap.php. That is, the end-user Cemetery search process starts with:
# cemeteries.php, which
#* Lets the user ''select'' a location (so really, it's not a "search" at all), and links
# headstones.php, which
#* Displays a paginated list of cemeteries, with only 5 cemeteries per page, because it
#* Displays the cemetery's Headstones Photos table ''within'' the list of cemeteries.
#* And then it lets the user select a cemetery, at which point, it calls
# showmap.php, which
#* Displays a map,
#* Displays the Headstone Photos table for that cemetery (again), and
#* Displays the All Burials table for that cemetery.
(FWIW, showmap.php can also be called directly from the admin Cemetery search process, and from other places in TNG where a Cemetery is listed.)
Also, the native TNG code displays the headings for the Headstone Photos table for each cemetery, even if that cemetery does not have any headstone photos.
|}And, on TNG sites that do not track Headstone photos (or at least do not track many of them), the redundant display of the Headstone Photos table is even more problematic.
== Purpose of the Mod ==So, this mod Affects the list of cemeteries in headstones.php, and *# Does not display the Headstone Photos Table in headstones.php and showmap.php. In both programstable headings unless a cemetery actually has headstone photos, it* Provides # Offers a mod parameter for headstones.php that controls whether (and how) to control the display of the Headstone Photos table.,In headstones*# Offers a mod parameter for showmap.php, it:*Formats the list of cemeteries differently,*Adds the burial count that controls whether (and possibly a show/hide Headstones buttonhow) for each cemetery,*Removes Headstone Photos column headings if there are no photos to display.</li>*Displays "a to b of c items" before the page navigation widgets for both Cemeteries Headstones Photos table, and Headstones.*Provides # Offers a mod parameter for headstones.php that controls how many cemeteries are to change the number of Cemeteries be displayed on one page (assuming that, if a site does have many headstone photos, the headstone photos tables don't take up much space, and it can display more than 5 cemeteries per page).
This In addition, this mod repositions the "a to b of c items" message for both Cemeteries and Headstones so that the screen layout is primarily, but not exclusively, for sites more like most other TNG programs that don't track headstones<br />display such a message.
== Mod Parameters ==
* In headstones.php - $headstonesButtonControl provides options that let you
*# Never display the headstones table.
# In showmap.php - $headstonesTableParam does the same thing for showmap.php that the $headstonesButtonControl parameter does for headstones.php.
== Mod Dependencies ==
This mod saves data that can be used by the [[Show Mod Names]] utility mod, but is ''not dependent on'' that mod. I know of no dependencies on other mods.
== Compatibility with other Mods ==
No known incompatibilities, but ''please'' let me know if you encounter any.
== Related Mods ==# The [[Burials-More Details]] mod makes several changes to the All Burials table in showmods.php, and, in a sense, coordinates with this mod, but they are not at all dependent on each other.* This mod saves data that can be used by the [[Show Mod Names]] utility mod, but is ''not dependent on'' that mod. ==Installation=====Requirements===
* A working TNG installation.
* An installed current version of the [[Mod Manager]].
* You should backup files listed in the panel on the right.
# Remove and delete previous version of this mod.
# Backup the files updated by this mod. They are listed in the panel at the upper right.
# Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example [[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files]].
== In the event of a problem =Problems?===
# Try using the [[Mod_Manager_-_Installing_Config_Files#Remove_Mod_Steps|Mod Manager Remove]] capability
# Contact me through [ My Mod Support form].
== Visualization of this Mod Visualizations == 
{| border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="wikitable"
! <style="text-align:left;"> | XXX '''<span style="'color: red";'>''' BEFORE:</span> The list of Cemeteries and Headstone Photos table in headstones.php'''</spanbr> XXX|-| [[Image:XXX-file_name_prefix-XXXheadstones_report-beforebefore1.pngjpg]]
! <style="text-align:left;"> | XXX '''<span style="'color: red";'>'''AFTERBEFORE:</span> The Headstone Photos table in showmap.php'''</spanbr>|- | XXX[[Image:XXXheadstones_report-file_name_prefixbefore2-aftershowmap.pngjpg]]|- | Note that ... XXX
! <style="text-align:left;"> | XXX '''<span style="'color: red";'>''' BEFOREAFTER:</span> The list of Cemeteries and Headstone Photos tables in headstones.php'''</spanbr>[[Image:headstones_report-after1.jpg]]
| XXX Note that..'''<span style='color:red;'>AFTER:</span> The Headstone Photos table in showmap.php'''<br>[[Image:XXXheadstones_report-file_name_prefixafter2-XXX-before2showmap.pngjpg]]|}
== Mod Change Revision History ==*** The latest version of the mod is at the top of this table ***
{| border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="wikitable"
|-! Mod Version!! TNG VersionsVersion !! Date!! Note|- | [[|]]| 12.0+| 15 May 2018| No functional changes; made compatible with TNGv12.|- || 11.0-11.1.2+| 21 Dec 2017| Added the tree information to the Headstones table in both programs, and removed the 100% width from the table in showmap.php. Other technical changes.
| 11.0-11.1+
| 2 Apr 2017
| New mod.
| Mod developer
| v11.0.0.1
| 11.1.| English|-| [ KK's Family History]| [[User:Kin_Khronicler|Kathy Kult]]| Public| v11.0.0.1| 11.1.1
| English
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[[Category:Mods for TNG v11]]
[[Category:headstones.php mods]]
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