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File:victoria-cousin-marriages.png|Cousin marriages involving Queen Victoria
The mod is installed in the normal way: unzip it; copy the files to the mods directory on your system, go to the mod manager, select it and press install. However it is strongly recommended that you do this first on a private computer with TNG set up on it because it can take some time to run the initial search, particularly if you have a large tree.
Below are some search results found in several trees. The first two were historic trees dating back at least 1,000 years and including mainly royalty and nobility. The third is a modern tree but still having a significant number of such relationships. The times are elapsed times on a standard Mac desktop. Times on a webserver might vary wildly in either direction depending on hardware and system loading.
{| class=wikitable
|+ Cousin marriages
! Families !! People !! No to 3rd cousins !! No to 6th cousins !! Time to 3rd<br/> secs !! Time to 6th<br/> secs
| 1,400 || 3,000 || 78 || 106 || 1.5 || 2.7
| 20,000 || 39,000 || 798 || 2,033 || 14.9 || 110
| 4,900 || 17,000 || 48 || 65 || 4.0 || 6.2
When the system is installed, the cousin marriages and in-law marriages can only be activated by an administrator. Anyone else will simply get a message asking them to contact an administrator. When an administrator runs it, the basic results will be stored in a new table in the database from which they can then be retrieved by anyone at low cost. (The low cost is basically making sure that the proper visibility rules for living persons are observed.) Subsequently even an administrator will get the same results unless they want to redo the search. The inner menu will at this stage look like this:
Clicking on All Cousin Marriages will retrieve the current stored results. To redo the search, click on the "redo" circular arrow symbol.
The search times for in-law marriages were less severe ranging from 0.5 to 6.5 seconds for the above trees, but this is handled the same way thus reducing the risk from repetitive use.

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