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Regroup Person-No Living Data

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|notes=The article below describes a complete, tested mod.
This mod also has a new "beta" version: that can be downloaded here:
<br>Here's what the new version does:
# Added Danish strings, courtesy of Karsten Weikop
I've been using the new version for a while, but
* It needs to be tested on other TNG sites,
* I haven't completed the description below, and
* I haven't created the visualizations this article needs
In truth, I have over 40 new and updated mods in this state, and I'd appreciate whatever help that anyone can offer.
So it would be great if you could download the mod, test it, and let me know how it works for you.
And if you're up for it, screenshots from before the mod was installed and after (annotated or not) would be a great help.
Just email any updates to me.
My email username is '''mail'', and my email domain is
Thanks in advance.
Robin Richmond 15:39, 7 May 2017 (CDT)
| mod_name = Regroup Person-No Living Data
! Note
| [[|]]
| 10.0.1-11.1.2+
| 07 Nov 2017

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