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Maternal And Paternal Lines

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| mod_author = Erik Hoppe
| mod_url = [[Maternal And Paternal Lines]] (this page)
| mod_support = [ My Mod Support/forums/forum/21-addons/ TNG Community Forums: TNG Specific - Code Discussion - Addons]| mod_contact = [ My Mod Support]
| mod_version = for TNG v11.0.0 - v12<br/> for TNG v10.1.0 - 10.1.2<br/> for TNG v9.1 through 10.0.x
| min_TNG_ver = 9.1.1
* [[User:henny|Henny Savenije]]
<b>Ken Roy</b> has also been deeply involved in the later versions. Loads of Thanks!
== Mod Conflicts ==
<i><u>The below is added to all involved mods:</u></i><br/>
Of <big><b>my mods</b></big>, some demand a special order to Install and Uninstall. This is one of them.<br/>
Installing / Uninstalling in the wrong order may create chaos at a later stage.<br/>
The mods may signal Okay to Install but nevertheless may not be.<br/><br/>
<b><big>Order to INSTALL:</big></b><br/>
All mods <b>below</b> the one you want to Install, must first be Uninstalled (if you use them).<br/>
See the Uninstall order below. You can Install them after.<br/>
#'''Maternal And Paternal Lines'''
#'''''[[Public Access Control|Public Access Control]]'''''
#'''''[[Forum for TNG|Forum for TNG]]'''''
#'''''[[Fixed Family Tab|Fixed Family Tab]]'''''
<b><big>Order to UNINSTALL:</big></b><br/>
All mods <b>above</b> the one you want to Uninstall, must first be Uninstalled (if you use them).<br/>
You can Install them after. See the Install order above.<br/>
#'''''[[Fixed Family Tab|Fixed Family Tab]]'''''
#'''''[[Forum for TNG|Forum for TNG]]'''''
#'''''[[Public Access Control|Public Access Control]]'''''
#'''Maternal And Paternal Lines'''
Suppose you use the ''[[Scrollbox mod|Scrollbox]]'' and ''[[Fixed Family Tab|Fixed Family Tab]]'' mods.<br/>
Now you want to install ''Maternal And Paternal Lines''.<br/>
As you can see in the ''Install Order'' both the used mods are ''below'' the ''Maternal And Paternal Lines'' mod and therefore you must first Uninstall the mods in the Uninstall order:<br/>
First Uninstall the ''[[Fixed Family Tab|Fixed Family Tab]]'' mod and then the ''[[Scrollbox mod|Scrollbox]]'' mod.<br/>
Now you can install all three mods in the Install order:<br/>
First you Install ''Maternal And Paternal Lines'', second the ''[[Scrollbox mod|Scrollbox]]'' mod and finally ''[[Fixed Family Tab|Fixed Family Tab]]''.
* Try using the [[Mod_Manager_-_Installing_Config_Files#Remove_Mod_Steps|Mod Manager Remove]] capability
* Replace all affected files with the copies you made before the installation.
* Contact me through [ My Mod Support/forums/forum/21-addons/ TNG Community Forums: TNG Specific - Code Discussion - Addons]
| EN, DE
| [ Hooley Family Links]
| [[User:lastejas|Rick Hooley]]
| Public Site/Private|[[User: lastejas|See Here]]| 10.1.1[[User: lastejas|See Here]]
| EN
| [ Roots & Relatives Remembered]
| [[User:Tngrlkrz|Ron Krzmarzick]]
| Public & Private, modified
| 12[https://kmtrees.0.1com/modlist_wiki?whichoptions=basic&cachemethod=3&sortby=filename See Here]
| [ Racine d'Alsace]
| [[User:Louis42| J-Louis Valory]]| Public/Private - Template 1T17 customized|| 1112.10.12| FrenchFR
| [ Joseph Oran Holtz Genealogy Pages]
| 12.0.1
| DE, EN, FR, NL
| [ Journeys in Genealogy]
| [[User:PapaTango|Patrick Thrush]]
| Public WP/TNG integration
| 12.0.3
| English

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