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Category:Mods for TNG v10

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| update mod to fix an issue with the Show Access being unreadable in Templates 9, 13, and 14. Also fixed a possible issue with the Click Counter II Email Notify mod.
| [[User:Bhemph|Brent Hemphill]]
| 18 Aug 2018
| [[OpenStreetMap]]
| Update
| 10.beta9.3
| MouseWheel Zoom is OFF by default. Added to MM Edit options - Sugg. by Steven Davis<br/>Eight new maps added for selection via MM Edit options - Sugg. by Katryne<br/>'''This is a mod-basis''' as I have no TNG 10 environment. Will probably not work as is!
| [[User:XerxX|Erik Hoppe]]
| 22 Jan 2018

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