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Google Maps - Getting Started

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* [ Get API key]
* Select or create a project you will use for your TNG API connection* From the API library (section '''Maps''') select and enable the following two key: '''Maps JavaScript API''' and '''Geocoding API''' [[File:API-Library.png|500px|frameless|left|API Library]]'''Maps JavaScript API''' is needed to show the google map to your site visitors, with a marker at the various places (place of birth, death, mariage etc.)'''Geocoding API''' is used in the admin section of your website to associate places with coordinates* Once your API keys are enabled, go to credentions to set the right application and API restrictions* For application restriction you can use HTTP referrers (web sites), using the format*[[File:API-application-restriction.png|500px|frameless|left|API application restriction]]* For API restrictions, allow the different API keys you enabled to make the requests[[File:API-restrictions.png|500px|frameless|left|API restriction]]
* you will also need to enable billing (you could click the Cancel link and see what you get after July 15th)

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