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Add Person Siblings row Spouses

146 bytes removed, 15:36, 18 August 2019
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<div class{{obsolete|notes='mw-collapsible'>You can click on the This mod is obsolete. '''[Collapse]''' link on the right to hide this section or '''[Expand]''' The code that added spouses to display the hidden sectionSiblings row is now a Mod Manager Edit option in v12.0. <div class='toccolours mw-collapsible-content'>Add the text to be toggled here0. Note that * If you add the class 'mw-collapsed' to the div at the start 3 of this structure, the text will be hidden initially, not displayed. * See '''[[Toggle DisplayAdd Person Siblings Row]]. ''' for examples.</divspan style="color: red">Please use the updated Add Person Siblings Row mod</divspan>'''}}
| mod_name = Show Siblings Spouses
IMPORTANT: ISSUES related to its dependency below. Could create a problem with your installation (in personlib.php) if you do not install and uninstall properly.
[[Image:apsspouse.png||left|550px|Mod example]]

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