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Simple SEO

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| mod_summary = Header modifications that support Meta keywords for names, aliases, nicknames, and married names. Also supports page title simplification from Simple Titles Mod.
| mod_validation =
| mod_last_update = 23 Dec 20181 Mar 2019
| download_link = [ v12.0.3.6a]{{Tv1203}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>[ v12.0.0.6a]{{Tv120}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>[ v11.1.1.6]{{Tv1111}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>[ v11.1.0.6]{{Tv111}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>[ v11.0.0.6]{{Tv110}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>[ v10.1.0.5]{{Tv1010}}<hr style="clear: both;"/>
| download_stats =

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