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Search Page Expansion

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The mod expands the search page results for logged-in users, summary .  Summary of changes:# 1) Adds three columns: sources, notes and media that show the total number of attached records for the person (both individual and married sources, notes and media)# 2) Adds a filter line to quickly identify records based on the number of sources, notes and media they have. Also whether or not they are assigned to trees.# 3) Adds an edit button on the individual to quickly go directly to edit the individual.# 4) Adds an edit button on the spouse to quickly go directly to edit the family.# 5) Adds a clickable link to the source, notes and media numbers to see these on the individual page (depending on your configuration).# 6) Adds the year of the marriage next to the spouse
Mod is intended to make editing and finding records more robust for a user. For example, you can see just records with no source citations at a glance, in case, you are working to make sure that all records are properly cited.

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