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Sites using this mod
The mod offers an option in the mod manager to change the behavior of the search for logged-in users. If chosen, when only one record is found, it tng will go to search results instead of directly to the individual's page.
| 12.0.3
| English
|-| [ Roots & Relatives Remembered]| [[User:tngrlkrz| Ron Krzmarzick]]| Public & Private|| [ See Here]| EN,DE,CS,ES|-| [ Wortelboer genealogy]| [[User:Bernard57| Bernard Wortelboer]]| -|| 12.0.3| NL,EN|-| [ Racine d'Alsace]| [[User:Louis42|J-Louis Valory]]| Public- private - T17 customized|| 12.0.3| FR|-| [ Our Family Histories]| [[User:Bsl20b50|Bryan S. Larson]]| Public site| [[User:Bsl20b50|See Here]]| [[User:Bsl20b50|See Here]]| EN
[[Category:Mods for TNG v12]]
[[Category:search.php mods]]

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