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Research Tools

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== Revision History ==
# v12.0.0.4 - (Feel free to skip if you have the last version installed, customized and you are happy with it. Adds a unique link just for customizations (leaving the online tree link to be used only for trees). No additional language customization is necessary. Also adds in Norwegian (thanks to Kare). I also set the tree search to only change to geneanet for French speakers. Geneanet is a subscription service like FamilySearch and one really needs to be logged into it before using the link.
# v12.0.0.3 - Fixes some internal variables. Adds German (thanks to Jurgen). Tinkers with popup settings to address odd displays in some browsers.
# v12.0.0.2 - Addresses a conflict with the Research Links Mod and some format issues.

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