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Census Plus International

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Revision History
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| v12.0.0.10a
| 20 Jul 2019
| Updated to
* fix PHP 7.1 warnings Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in cpdisplay.php and cpupdate.php
*: caused by the Sosa mod v12.0.2.2-rev3 now putting its code snippet in customconfig.php
* fix censusYear ambiguous error if Return All is set to default(n)
* re-instate code from v12.0.0.9 on how Return All and Return all linked for Media options are processed
* fix 1890 US Veteran display works with Return All in getperson.php and Return all linked in showmedia.php transcript display
Our thanks to Brent Hempfill for some of the fixes and to Rick Hooley and John Jamieson for beta testing
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| v12.0.0.10

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