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Family Group Worksheet

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Removing the '''fgw''' folder uninstalls it from your system. Before removing it, you can use the setup page to remove (drop) the worksheets table. <span style="color:#990000;font-weight:bold;">Do not remove the table if you are simply upgrading FGW.</span>
If you have a very old == Upgrading From an Old version of FGW and == The very early versions of TNG (~2014) had a slightly different worksheet table structure. If you want to keep all your worksheets, you will need to update the table. In your browser navigate to your site, then add the following to your URL: /fgw/fgw_table_update.php. For example:
If you are not sure you need to update, you can run the utility anyway. If you are up to date, it will tell you and do nothing further. If not, it will update the table preserving your existing data.
If you don't care about keeping the old worksheets you can create the table anew in the FGW Setup.
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