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All of these functions are only as good as your data. And, no, I am not saying anyone has "bad data." But we all learn as we go along and change our habits of entering our folk in the database, etc. If any are returning bad data -- exclude them in the options. Please feel free to let me know... but just know I barely know how have a handle on my own data is and before I can track down your problem I have to figure out how you use tng. Some steps to check out from what I know:<br># Tng allows for multiple parents -- really useful when you want to keep two paths - but not so useful in finding ancestors. If you do this a lot(enter multiple parents of a person), these functions will not return good data.
# Try to be consistent in what you do about unknown surnames, etc. There are options for as much as I could imagine.
# If you notice a stress or strain on your webpage, exclude the Earliest Ancestors, Alternative Surnames and Matriarchs and Patriarchs, in that order. See if things improve. But it has all looked much faster in testing than I thought possible.

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