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Show All Family

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| mod_name = Show All Family
| mod_summary = Adds end earliest ancestors, patriarchs and matriarchs (father-to-father and mother-to-mother ends of line ancestorslines), spouses other spouses, children spouses, stepparents and alternative name spellings to the getperson page
| mod_validation =
| mod_last_update = 28 Aug 6 Oct 2019| download_link = for {{Tv120}}[[ | COMING SOON Show all Family, version 4 ]]
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| download_stats =
<b>COMING SHORTLY Version 4 is here now - 5 6 OCT 2019<br></b>
* You can choose to use or not use symbols in the display, or change the symbol<br>
* You can adjust the spellings to ignore a word you may use for an unknown surname<br>
==Other Mod Integration==
The mod works with [[Sosa]], [[Family Edit Links Mod]] and [[Family Preview Mod]] if you have these installed to add information to people it displays.
// ********** START: Showall Family language files
$text['eol'] = "End of Lines";
$text['otherpartners'] = "Other Partners: ";
$text['childpartners'] = "Partners: ";
$text['stepparents'] = "Stepparents";
$text['earliest'] = "Earliest Ancestors";
$text['earlyinfo'] = "This is the earliest ancestor for this individual recorded in this research.";
$text['oldend'] = "Patriarch & Matriarch";
$text['oldendinfo'] = "These are end of paternal (father to father, etc) and maternal (mother to mother. etc) lines";
$text['paternalline'] = "Paternal Line";
$text['maternalline'] = "Maternal Line";
$text['Grandfather'] = "Grandfather";
$text["Grandmother"] = "Grandmother";
$text['Greatgrandmother'] = "Great Grandmother";
$text['clickearly'] = "Click to find earliest ancestors, response may be delayed.";
$text["genback"] = "generations back";$text['totancexpandline'] = "Click arrow on left to see the EANC# earliest ancestors in GEN# generations out of a total of ~TANC# ancestors.";// ********** END: Showall Family language files
Note: don't change EANC#, GEN#, ~TANC# ... they will all be numbers when displayed on the page.
==Changes and Versions==
5 Oct 2019 - V4
* Adds Earliest Ancestorsearliest ancestors
* Adds relationships and relationship links
* Streamlines some formatting, options and text strings.

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