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Census Plus International

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add to Mods category for TNG v13
| ver = 10101201213|notes= <span style="color:red">'''Note that recently Ancestry is generating some index with no column headings, thus there are no column headings in a new URL format that does not generate the DOM sourceneeded for import. <br />You may have no option other than using will need to use the '''Add ''' tab to manually add the census transcript in those cases.'''</span>.<br />!-- The new v12.0.0.10a versions of the mod is are only supported on TNG 12 and above. '''Important''': When reporting problems on the TNG Community Forum, please attach the DOM Source file that you are importing which is causing errors and provide the URL to Ancestry for the specific census entry.<br /><span style="color:red">'''NOTE: Only v12.0.0.10a supports MySQL 8 environmentsNote that recently Ancestry is generating a new URL format that does not generate the DOM source needed for import.Ancestry also shows some index with no column headings, so if the Index does not have column headings when you are generating the DOM source or the DOM source URL is in the format ''/interactive/8058/4409456_00869'', you may have no option other than using the '''Add''' tab to manually add the census transcript'''</span>. -->
| mod_summary = Adds international census record data for Households on individual Info page
| mod_validation =
| mod_last_update = 20 Jul 201917 Sep 2020| download_link = Import from Ancestry NOT supported<br />for {{Tv130}} [{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr />Import from Ancestry No longer works<br />for {{Tv120}} [{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<br />[{{#replace:{{CURRENTLOGGEDUSER}}}}&page={{PAGENAMEE}}]<hr />
<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsible-content" id="mw-customcollapsible-sb1"><span class="mw-customtoggle-sb1 mw-customtoggle-sbdiv" style='text-decoration:underline;float:right;'>&#91;Show older versions&#93;</span></div><br />
<div class='mw-collapsible mw-collapsible-content mw-collapsed' id="mw-customcollapsible-sbdiv">
| mod_support = [ TNG Forums]
| mod_contact =
| mod_version = for TNG 13+<br /> for TNG 12+<br /> for TNG 11.0.2+<br /> for TNG 11<br /> for TNG 10.1+<br /> for TNG V10<br /> for TNG v9.1 and above
| min_TNG_ver = 9.1.0
| max_TNG_ver = 1213+
| TNG_file_list = See [[Census_Plus_International#TNG_Modules_Impacted|TNG Modules Impacted]]
| related_mods = [[Show/Hide Events]] can hide the events<br />[[Media - Census Plus International]] displays the Census Plus Transcript for user census Media collections<br />[[Family Edit Links Mod]] to quickly find the personID of family members<br />[[Person Custom Events]] relocates custom events below the Event Map.
== Requirements ==
{{TNG 12.0|and after}}
* the v13.0.0.11 and v12.0.0.10 version versions of the mod is are the only version versions that supports might support MySQL 8
: previous versions of the mod do not support MySQL 8
{{TNG 10.1.0|and after}}
* A working TNG installation.
* A backup of all affected files (see the list in the summary in the upper right corner of the page)
* An installed current version Updated versions of your cust_text.php file (see infobox at beginning of this article on how to update your cust_text.php files to the new [[Mod ManagerGuidelines]] (is already included in TNG v9)using the Mod Manager
* All '''templates/templateN''' folders be on your site
* Both '''English''' and '''English-UTF8''' folders be on your site
! Date
! Contents
|- valign="top"
| v13.0.0.11
| 17 Sep 2020
| Updated to
* work with TNG 13 new Admin Layout (Note with v12.0.0.10a shows as OK to Install it will not work in the TNG 13 Admin screens)
* fix Image URL to Ancestry to use their new URL format (../imageviewer/collections/nnnn/images/image_ID
* re-instate code from v12.0.0.9 on how Return All and Return all linked for Media options are processed
* fix several PHP warnings about undefined variables and indexes
* NOTE that the Import no longer works since Ancestry has changed their DOM Source generation
|- valign="top"
| v12.0.0.10a
| [[User:Ken Roy|Ken Roy]]
| Repackaged and enhanced Census Feature mod
| 1213.0.0.10a11| 1213.10.0
| English, French
| [[User:JessSenk|Jessica Senkyr-Robinette ]]
| Private Site
| 12.0.2
| English
| [ Kilkie Family Tree]
| Martin Kilkie
| Private site, guest login: guest pwd: guest
| 12.0.2
* personlib.php
* admin_merge.php
* admin_main.php
* admin_leftbanner.php
* languages/English/cust_text.php
* languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php
The following modules are added by this mod to [[Census Plus International - Options|provide options]] on how the mod behaves
* extensions/
{{TNG 13.0|and after}}In TNG V13 and later, this mod modifies the following files:
* admin_leftmenu.php
* admin.php
{{TNG 12.3.0|and before}}{{TNG 9.1.0|and after}}In TNG V9.1 and later, this mod modifies the following files:
* admin_leftbanner.php
* admin_main.php
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