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Thanks to Ron, Michel, Ken, Jan-Thore and Katryne Mod has Czech, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish text. Also, thanks to the same group of people for testing and pushing it to a much improved state.<br><br>
If you want to use it with a different language, add the correct text (between quotes) in the code below and add to your cust_text file in the appropriate language folder.
<div class='mw-collapsible mw-collapsed'>Click on '''[Expand]''' to display the text strings. <div class='toccolours mw-collapsible-content'>
$text['otherpartners'] = "Other Partners: ";
$text['childpartners'] = "Partners: ";
$text['stepparents'] = "Stepparents";
$text['earlyinfo'] = "This is the earliest ancestor or ancestors for this individual person's mother and father as recorded in the research provided in the database on this researchweb site.";$text['oldendinfo'] = "These are end of paternal (father to father, etc. or Y-DNA direct line) and maternal (mother to mother. etc.or mtDNA direct line) lines";
$text['oldend'] = "Patriarch & Matriarch";
$text['oldendinfo'] = "These are end of paternal (father to father, etc) and maternal (mother to mother. etc) lines";
$text['Grandfather'] = "Grandfather";
$text["Grandmother"] = "Grandmother";
$text['Greatgrandfather'] = "Great Grandfather";
$text['Greatgrandmother'] = "Great Grandmother";
$text['clickearly'] = "Click to find Find earliest ancestors, response may be delayed.";$text['expandline'] = "Click arrow on left to see the EANC# earliest ancestors ancestor(s) in GEN# generations out of a total of ~TANC# ancestors.";$text['expandline2'] = "EANC# Earliest Ancestor(s) in GEN# Generations out of a total of ~TANC# Ancestors:";$text['expandline3'] = "Click arrow on left to see the Earliest ancestor(s)";$text['earliestancestors'] = "Earliest Ancestor(s)";
Note: don't change EANC#, GEN#, ~TANC# ... they will all be numbers when displayed on the page.</div></div> 
==Changes and Versions==

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