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| mod_summary = Adds earliest ancestors, patriarchs and matriarchs (father-to-father and mother-to-mother ends of lines), spouses other spouses, children spouses, stepparents and alternative name spellings to the getperson page
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| mod_last_update = 6 18 Oct 2019
| download_link = for {{Tv120}}[[ | Show all Family, version 4d ]]
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* Note the blue i - that links to a help menu
* Note the icon at the end of the names [[Image:Relatelineicon.png|15px|Left]] - that takes you to the relationship page showing the line between the ancestor and the person.
And here is what it looks like if expanded.
Or you can combine earliest ancestors with patriarchs and matriarchs in a single row. Here is what that looks like when expanded.

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