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Thanks to Ron, Michel, Ken, Jan-Thore and Katryne Mod has Czech, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish text. Also, thanks to the same group of people for testing and pushing it to a much improved state.<br><br>
Note - the mod calculates relationships (such as 3x great grandfather) using the English custom. This can provide unwanted results in other languages. To avoid this it conforms to the options you set for a language in the admin menu (languages>>Edit Existing Language). The option to "Turn off relationship messages" is set to yes if you do not want to display the relationship (also for other tng pages). <br>
If you want to use it with a different language, add the correct text (between quotes) in the code below and add to your cust_text file in the appropriate language folder.
<div class='mw-collapsible mw-collapsed'>Click on '''[Expand]''' to display the text strings.
This mod was developed by A.S. DuPree (a novice, happy for any help on improving it)
==[[Mod Manager - Installing Config Files | Automated Installation]] ==
# Download the zip file in the status area in the upper right.
# Extract the to your mod folder.

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