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Place Map

1,228 bytes added, 17 February
place_map v10.0.1.0
| mod_name = Place_Map
| mod_summary = This mod displays a map with all of the geocoded places in the TNG database. Options include showing pins, clusters, or heatmaps of places.
Places can be shown by Place Type or by Event Type. In addition, places can be displayed over set time intervals.
| mod_validation = Tested on TNG v10.1.3 and , v11.0.2, v12.2| download_link = for {{Tv120}}{{Tv110}}{{Tv100}} [ 29] 
| download_stats = [ Download Stats]
| mod_author = [[User:wvoigt|Wendel Voigt]]
| mod_last_update = 17 Feb 2020
| mod_url = [[Place_Map]]
| mod_support = [ Contact Wendel]
| mod_contact = [ Contact Wendel]
| mod_version = for TNG V10 and up
| min_TNG_ver = 10.0.0
| max_TNG_ver = 10.0.0+
| TNG_file_list = See [[Place_Map#TNG_Modules_Involved | TNG Modules Involved]]
| related_mods = [[World_map_mod]]
| notes = May run slow on sites with very large number of places and events.
! Contents
| V10.0.1.0
| width="20%" | 17 Feb 2020
* Can now configure what if any totals are displayed on the Places and Events legends.
* Places and Events totals are now for the selected Tree, not all the Trees (unless All Trees is selected.)
* Event legend can now be turned off.
* Several new features on the date display. Individual date ranges are clickable. Can set starting date interval (by number or year).
* Added an option to skip year intervals with no events.
* Set the lat/lng accuracy to 5 decimal places (1.1 meters).
* Can now select which TNG tree displays upon page load. If the tree is not found, places for all trees are displayed.
* Add option to change settings via URL parameters. If enabled, URL parameters can be used to change the map. See config for the URL parameters for each option.
* Now hide the sidebar controls if the sidebar is turned off in configuration (NOTE: visitors will not be able to turn on the sidebar).
* Some css updates. Mostly adding items, but a few small tweaks.
* Due to the number of changes and the features added, bumped the version number of the mod.
| [[User:wvoigt|Wendel Voigt]]
| Wendel is the developer of the Place_Map Mod
|| 10.1.3,1112.0.1 under test2
| English
* genlib.php
[[Category:Mods for TNG v12]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v11]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v10]]

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