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Admin Branches Queue

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| '''Admin>>Branches>>Queue Actions Page''' <span style="color:red"> After installation of both mods</span><br/>
This page is similar to the Branch Search page in that it lists all of the branches that match a search, and lets you select or clear checkboxes for each branch. But unlike the Branch Search Page
* '''The Search form'''*# The tree selection box shows the last Gedcom Import date for each tree. That date is important to both the program and the user in deciding whether a branch ''needs'' to be rebuilt.* # The search can focus on the branch name ''or'' description, not both.* # Three checkboxes affect what is in the result table.*## '''Count labels in each branch''' - As with the branch record counts that [[Admin Branches]] added to the Admin>>Branches>>Search results, by default, the records are not counted, because counting can take too long on a very large database. Instead, a simply Y or N is displayed by default.*## '''Show branch-restricted users''' - This is represented by the very last column of the results. *##* This screen shot was generate from a test database, so most of the branches have no userusers. In another environment, displaying this column might make sense only if the search string focused on one or two branches.*##* Still, it is important to realize that not all branches will necessarily have users. Some branches, such as "Contacts", "Ancestors", and perhaps "Hazlet" (which contains ancestors only) are defined simply to identify sets of people in the tree, and are not intended for users.*## Focus on dummy branches - A subsequent visualization will illustrate the effect of this checkbox* '''The results table (and the buttons just above it) represent a second form, just like in all of the search pages for other database objects.'''* # In the checkbox column, the "Contacts" and "hk" columns do not have checkboxes because they do not have branch rules (Ancestor generations i.e. ancestor or Descendant descendant generations values)* # The branch 'hk' is a true 'dummy branch', as it is a substring of 'hk-hutch' and 'hk-kuyk' (two closely related families that intermarried). As with most dummy branches#** The Actual record count is the union of it constituent branches, which overlap, hence the record counts are not the sum of the constituent branch record counts.#** There are no records in the index, thus the counts are highlighted in red. But, in this case, the difference between the records counts and the index counts are normal, so the highlighting is essentially extraneous.#** The branch has never had an action performed on it, since its whole purpose is to reflect the actions of its constiuent branches.* The branch 'Contacts' is not a true dummy branch, though it has no branch rule. Its counts are the result of specific edits to specific records.** The "Restore Branch" button is essentially the same as the "Relabel Branches" secondary procedure, though, of course, it applies to just one branch.** The "Restore Branch" button would be useful after a Gedcom Import, when the Record counts would be zero.#* In the branch "coffman1Durbahn", the last action was "clear", hence the record and index counts are zero. The counts in the People/Families counts column are non-zero; they reflect the number of records that were cleared.*#* All actions other than "add" are highlighted in brown text.*#* The "Clear" action could have been launched from the Branch Edit page, or from this page. There is no way to know.#** The same is true for all "add" actions.#* The Queued Actions column columns is blank because there are no actions in the queue at the moment. See a visualization below.* '''Actions and Results of Actions'''#* The "Immediate Action" buttons use Ajax to enqueue add or clear actions for checked buttons.#** The results of queued actions are shown in the black box near the bottom of the screen, but are not reflected in the results table until the page is reloaded. See a visualization below.#* The Submit buttons were mostly used to test the queuing mechanism, but if an action goes awry, it may be appropriate to use them.#* This page does not have a way to remove a queued action, though it should. To remove an action from the queue, you must go to the Branch Edit page for the branch whose action you want to remove from the queue.#* A visualization below shows how the text in the black box is replaced with the results of queued actions.#* Reflecting the use of this page as a testing ground for the queuing mechanism, there are several notes at the bottom of the page. These notes ''could'' and may be in this Wiki article, as well.
| [[Image:admin_branches_queue-qactions1.jpg]]

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