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*[http://www.cjreese.name// Our Reese Family Genealogy Pages]
*[http://www.cjreese.name// Our Reese Family Genealogy Pages]
*[http://www.neptis.be// Neptis: Belgian families]
*[http://www.neptis.be// Neptis: Belgian families]
*[http://www.macomberkin.com/tng/index.php MacomberKin Family Tree] Very happy with mod and so are my users!
[[Category:Mods for TNG v8]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v8]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v9]]
[[Category:Mods for TNG v9]]

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Submit Photo/Document Form Mod
Summary Allows visitors to submit a photo or document.
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Download link
TNG 9.0
Includes CaptchaSecurityImages.
TNG 8.0


TNG 8.1

Includes CaptchaSecurityImages.

TNG_captcha ready.
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Author(s) Jeff Robison
Homepage Robison and Blythe Genealogy
Mod Support TNG Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support
Latest Mod for TNG V9
8.1.5a for TNG V8
Min TNG V 8.0+ / 8.1+
Files modified
TNG root directory
Related Mods
See Custom Text Additions if you are using multiple languages.

Purpose of the mod

This is a base form which allows visitors to submit a photo/document for an individual or family.

It will.....

  • Create file 'CaptchaSecurityImages.php'.
    Author: Simon Jarvis
  • Create a copy of 'monofont.ttf'.
    Author: Simon Jarvis
  • Create file 'submit_photo.php'.
    Author: G. T. "Joe" Proctor


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison.

Captcha security image modified by Ken Roy for the visually impaired.


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release will work with TNG v8.0+.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • A link to the form. Several are listed under Related Mods .

Note: You can place a custom link to this form anywhere on your site but if no person or family ID is available, this field will be empty on the form and in the email submission.

Revision History

Version Date Description
V9.0.0.0 4 December 2011 submit_photo.php and CaptchaSecurityImages.php are now modules copied to your root directory.
Form for Submit Headstone Photo Mod has more fields.
V8.1.5a 27 November 2010 my_sql query error after going to media fixed.
Still no spam reported using the CaptchaSecurityImages function.
Note: I can no longer address problems concerning ReCaptcha. I know nothing about it.
11 October 2010 Another email fix (Mail was not being sent).
Still no spam reported using the CaptchaSecurityImages function.
Got the file version right in V1.0.2b.
Thank you for your patience.
V8.1.4b 07 October 2010 Some spam got through with previous version. Security code changed to include numbers.
Testing on several sites. No spam reported!
27 September 2010 Email routine changed. Fix works for at least one Mac user. This version is suggested for all.

Common variables within mods that use this form are included to eliminate Mod Manager conflicts. If you currently use one of the Submit mods, remove/delete and upload/install the current version of the particular mod.

17 September 2010 Email 'Subject' field fixed.
V8.1.3b 28 August 2010 User logout upon submission fixed.
V8.1.3a 24 August 2010 Unnecessary variables removed.
V1.0.0 29 August 2010 For those who like spam or prefer to use another captcha routine (Captcha Mod).

Automated Installation

  1. All previous versions of Submit Photo/Document Form Mod must be uninstalled and deleted!
  2. Download and extract files the appropriate submitphotoform_zip file from the Mod Summary in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. View installation read_me for instructions to install submitphotoform

In the event of a problem

Custom Text Additions

Note that config file only includes the English language changes, so if you support multiple languages you can modify the config file to add the custom text for those other languages, or manually add the following custom text to each of your other languages with appropriate translations of course.

// For Submit Photo/Document Form Mod V9.0.0.0
// Added for Submit Photo/Document Form Mod 
$text['enteratt'] = "Please select a file to attach";
$text['enterdescr'] = "Please enter a description";
$text['entercemloc'] = "Please enter a cemetery/location";
$text['entercode'] = "Please enter the security code";
$text['enterrightcode'] = "Incorrect security code. Please try again";
$text['submitphotofor'] = "Photo/Document Submission for";
$text['submithsfor'] = "Headstone Submission for";
$text['submitphotohdr'] = "Share Photo / Document";
$text['submithshdr'] = "Submit Headstone Photo";
$text['location'] = "Location";
$text['plot'] = "Plot";
$text['optional'] = "Optional";
$text['sharephoto'] = "Share Photo / Doc";
$text['submitphotocredit'] = "Credit / Source";
$text['submitphotodescription'] = "Photo / Document Description";
$text['submitphotoattachment'] = "Attachment";
$text['submitphotoentercode'] = "Enter Security Code";
$text['submitphotosecurity'] = "Security Code";
$text['submitphotorequiredfield'] = "Required Field";
$text['submitphotoprivacy']   = "We respect your privacy - your name and email address will not be   publicly displayed or released.";
$text['submitphotobrowse'] = "Browse";
$text['submitphotocancel'] = "Cancel";
$text['submitphotobutton'] = "Submit Attachment";
//  Added for Submit Photo/Document Form Mod 
$text['submitphotohdr'] = "Share Photo / Document";
$text['sharephoto'] = "Share Photo / Doc";
$text['submitphotoname'] = "Your Name / Nickname";
$text['submitphotoemail'] = "Your E-mail";
$text['submitphotowebsiteurl'] = "Your Website URL";
$text['submitphotocredit'] = "Credit / Source";
$text['submitphotodescription'] = "Photo / Document Description";
$text['submitphotoattachment'] = "Attachment";
$text['submitphotoentercode'] = "Enter Security Code";
$text['submitphotosecurity'] = "Security Code";
$text['submitphotorequiredfield'] = "Required";
$text['submitphotoprivacy'] = "We respect your privacy. Your Name / Email address will not be displayed or released.";
$text['submitphotobrowse'] = "Browse";
$text['submitphotocancel'] = "Cancel";
$text['submitphotobutton'] = "Submit Attachment";

For example, you would add to the French/cust_text.php or the French-UTF8/cust_text.php

//  Added for Submit Photo/Document Form Mod 
$text['submitphotohdr'] = "Soumettez la photo/le document";
$text['sharephoto'] = "Soumettez la photo/le doc";
$text['submitphotoname'] = "Votre nom/surnom";
$text['submitphotoemail'] = "Votre email";
$text['submitphotowebsiteurl'] = "URL de votre site Web";
$text['submitphotocredit'] = "Crédit/source";
$text['submitphotodescription'] = "Description de photo/document";
$text['submitphotoattachment'] = "Attachement";
$text['submitphotoentercode'] = "Écrivez le code de sécurité";
$text['submitphotosecurity'] = "Code de sécurité";
$text['submitphotorequiredfield'] = "Requis ";
$text['submitphotoprivacy']   = "Nous respectons votre intimité. Votre nom/addresse email ne sera  pas  montré ou ne sera pas libéré.";
$text['submitphotocancel'] = "Annuler";
$text['submitphotobutton'] = "Soumettez l'attachement";

For example, you would add to the German/cust_text.php or the German-UTF8/cust_text.php

// Hinzugefügt für Submit Photo/Document Form Mod
$text['submitphotohdr'] = "Foto / Dokument vorschlagen";
$text['sharephoto'] = "Foto / Doc vorschlagen";
$text['submitheadstone'] = "Grabstein-Foto vorschlagen";
$text['submitphotoname'] = "Ihr Name";
$text['submitphotoemail'] = "Ihre E-Mail";
$text['submitphotowebsiteurl'] = "URL Ihrer Webseite";
$text['submitphotocredit'] = "Quelle";
$text['submitphotodescription'] = "Beschreibung des Fotos / Dokuments";
$text['submitphotoattachment'] = "Anlage";
$text['submitphotoentercode'] = "Sicherheitscode eingeben";
$text['submitphotosecurity'] = "Sicherheitscode";
$text['submitphotorequiredfield'] = "Erforderliche Angaben";
$text['submitphotoprivacy']   = "Wir achten Ihre Privatsphäre. Name und E-Mail-Adresse werden nicht   angezeigt oder veröffentlicht.";
$text['submitphotobrowse'] = "Durchsuchen";
$text['submitphotocancel'] = "Beenden";
$text['submitphotobutton'] = "Absenden";

And you can add this to the Dutch/cust_txt.php or Dutch_utf8/cust_txt.php

//toegevoegd voor submit Photo/Document Form
$text['submitphotohdr'] = "Verstuur photo/document";
$text['sharephoto'] = "Verstuur photo/document";
$text['submitphotoname'] = "Uw naam";
$text['submitphotoemail'] = "Uw email";
$text['submitphotowebsiteurl'] = "URL van uw website";
$text['submitphotocredit'] = "Bron";
$text['submitphotodescription'] = "Beschrijving van de photo/document";
$text['submitphotoattachment'] = "Attachement";
$text['submitphotoentercode'] = "Kopieer de veiligheidscode";
$text['submitphotosecurity'] = "Veiligheidscode";
$text['submitphotorequiredfield'] = "Vereist";
$text['submitphotoprivacy'] = "We respecteren uw privacy. Uw gegevens zullen niet kenbaar gemaakt worden.";
$text['submitphotocancel'] = "Annuleer";
$text['submitphotobutton'] = "Verstuur photo/document";

Visualization of this mod


TNG User sites using this mod

Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification