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Suggest Form Help Mod
Summary Provides a Help text for the Contact/Suggest forms
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TNG 9.0
TNG 8.0
TNG 7.0
TNG 10.0
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Author(s) Graham Chamberlain
Config file by Graham Chamberlain
Homepage Suggest Form Help mod (This page)
Mod Support My Mod Support
Contact Developer Contact Developer
Latest Mod V9.0.1.0 for TNG7, TNG8 or TNG9
Min TNG V 8.0.0 using integrated Mod Manager
TNG 7.1.0 requires manual installation of Mod Manager
Max TNG V 10+
Files modified
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Purpose of Mod

The mod provides a Help text for the Contact/Suggest forms. Different messages are used for the Contact Form and Suggest tab versions. On the Contact form the user is advised to use the Suggest tab if the suggestion/information refers to a specific individual or family on the site.

Mod Developer

The Mod was developed by Graham Chamberlain based on a suggestion from Doug Couch.

Mod Manager config file provided by Graham Chamberlain.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the appropriate file for your TNG version from the download links in the mod summary area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your 'mods folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the file.

Text variables for the messages are provided only for English and English_UTF8 languages.

Revision History

Version Date Description
V9.0.0.0 21 April 2012
  • First version.


Contact Form Version: Suggest-contact1.jpg

Suggest Tab Version: Suggest-contact2.jpg

To see the mod in action, go to

TNG User sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG sites to the table below

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain Mod developer V9.0.0.0/10.1.0 EN, FR, DE, SP, NL
Arsenault and Simpson Family Genealogy Bob Arsenault Not an open website V9.0.0.0/V9.0.3 EN
Legacy Gazette: My Roots - My Legacy Melissa Watson Padilla TNG 9.2.1 EN
Hooley Family Links Rick Hooley Public Site 10.1.1 EN
Quigley Doyle Family Tree Don Quigley Public Site EN