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TNG Index

TNG Topic Index

The following is an attempt at creating a TNG Topic Index. Note that not all topics are listed here since it is a manual effort to maintain this index.

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TNG charset
Database_-_Creating How to create your database
Setup - Database How to setup your database connection parameters
Setup - Tree
Setup - Site_Design
Setup - Privacy
Setup - Language
Move your configuration files


Google Maps
Getting Started
Geocoding Places
Maintenance_-_Places_with_no_maps How to create a report of places that still need to be geocoded
Mass_Updates_of_Place_Level_and_Zoom How to make mass updates for geocoded locations imported from Legacy or RootsMagic4
Using Google Maps
Individual_Event_Map How Google map of geocoded places displays on Individual Page]]
Street_Views How to get a Street View from the Google Map on the Individual Page]]
Panoramio_Views How to get a Panoramio View from the Google Map on the Individual Page


Media Collections
Add New user media collection
Media Record
Example of adding a collection