TNG V8 Changes

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The following are only a few of the significant TNG V8 changes.

Improved Installation

  • Installing TNG V8 as UTF-8 shows how you can now specify UTF-8 character set during the readme install. You may now designate a default language and character set from the installation guide. You may now create a tree and your first user account from the installation guide.

New Features

  • User Roles Users: Roles have been added to summarize rights: Guest, Submitter, Contributor, Media Contributor, Editor, Media Editor, Administrator and Custom.
  • Family Search A family search page has been added, and you may search directly on a family ID
  • Template Settings Template screens are now configurable to a degree using the Template Settings area, which allows your to enter text for your home page without having to modify the index.php file. You can also change the template images selected for display in the index.php or topmenu.php for the template.
  • Search Results Hovering over a search result will display an overlay containing a summary of that person's information (like the photo preview).
  • Private Flag Privacy: You may now hide individuals (living or deceased) by labeling them as "Private".

Updated Features

  • Relationship Finder The relationship finder will now find multiple relationships (you can enter the max allowable). The relationship finder has a new algorithm that allows it to search one entire generation at a time instead of following the paternal & maternal lines recursively.
  • Top Surnames Histogram The surnames page has been restyled and includes a histogram for the frequency of the top 10 surnames.
  • Delayed Google Maps You may now elect to delay showing the map on the individual page until the user specifically requests it.
  • Most Wanted The "Most Wanted" setup screens have been moved from Admin/Reports to Admin/Miscellaneous. The "Mystery Photos" section is no longer restricted to just "photos".
  • What's New The "What's New" setup screens have been moved from Admin/Reports to Admin/Miscellaneous
  • Slide Show The slide show will now be displayed in an overlay, and the size of all images in the show will be made uniform Image descriptions and meta data will no longer be shown during the slide show.

Mods incorporated

and incorporates capabilities that were previously TNG Mods:

  • Mod Manager Brian McFadyen's "Mod Manager" has been made a regular part of TNG.
  • Image Viewer Mod Bret Rumsey's image viewer has been made a regular part of TNG.
  • Calendar Chris Niemira's tngCalendar page has been made a regular part of TNG and is accessible from the Dates & Anniversaries page.
  • Admin Header Mod Links to the forum and the wiki have been added to the top of the Admin menu.
  • Admin Frame Mod by Roger Clist, which was never documented on the TNG Wiki