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Upgrade Impact to TNG Mods

As part of the TNG V8 upgrade, it is recommended that uninstall all your TNG mods maintained by the Mod Manager before doing the upgrade, for the following reasons:

  • Even though Brian McFadyen's Mod Manager is now part of TNG V8, TNG V8 uses a different folder name for maintaining mods
  • Even if you renamed the mods folder to be the admin/mod_folder, you would get false cleanup errors on many mods because:
    • The English/cust_text.php file is now either in the languages/English/cust_text.php or the languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php,
    • The mytngstyle.css file is now in the TNG css folder.
    • Several images are now in the TNG img folder.
    • The admin files are no longer in the admin folder, but rather are named admin_
  • Several mods are no longer needed since they are part of TNG V8. See TNG V8 Mods

Impact to Existing TNG Users

  • all TNG images are now in the img folder, so if you
    • referenced any TNG images in user-created pages, you will need to update your pages to now point to the img/tng_img.gif
    • used any TNG icons in user-created media collections, you will need to update your media collections to point to the icon in img/tng_icon.gif
  • all CSS style sheets are now in the css folder, so if you have your own user css style sheets you may need to move them
  • all Templates have changed to now allow editing the text displayed on the Home page in Setup >> Template Settings
  • great feature for new users
  • existing users, may just want to update the style information in their existing index.php pages
  • installing templates now requires copying
  • the index.php, footer.php, and topmenu.php from the templates/templateN to your TNG install folder
  • style sheets from the templates/templateN/css folder to the TNG css folder
  • images from the templates/templateN/img folder to the TNG img folder

Impact to Existing TNG UTF-8 Sites

  • language folders names are now a pull down list
  • UTF-8 files are in languages/folder-UTF8

See Required action in Setup - Languages after upgrade

Impact to local web server testing

If you are using both a TNG 7.1.3 and TNG 8.0.0 multi-language testing environment under a WampServer or other local computer web server and are using UTF8, the language folder names change in TNG V8 will result in the following error when swapping from a TNG 8.0.0 browser tab to a TNG 7.1.3 tab

Warning: include(English-UTF8/text.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in F:\wamp
\www\TNG_712\home_page_init.php on line 8

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'English-UTF8/text.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\php5\pear') in
F:\wamp\www\TNG_712\home_page_init.php on line 8

To eliminate the error, you can rename your language folders in TNG 7.1.3 to add -UTF8 to the language folder name, such as English-UTF8 or French-UTF8

Impact to TNG mod developers

  • admin directory was eliminated, but most of the files that were in the admin directory were renamed to add admin_ in front of the file name
  • cust_text.php is no longer in the English directory, but is now in the
  • languages/English
  • languages/English-UTF8
so both should be used when constructing a .cfg file since we don't know whether a user will be running as ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8
  • while this is not a TNG V8 change, but was discovered during testing, if you create custom text that includes foreign accented characters, you should use the HTML special character so that the change can be installed in both the French and French-UTF8 cust_text.php for example and display correctly whether you are using ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 for your TNG charset. The alternative is creating both an ANSI and UTF-8 file, which is probably a valid alternative for installing cust_text.php changes for your own site languages that you are not publishing.
  • mytngstyle.css is now in a CSS folder currently named css, so any additions made to mytngstyle.css now need to show %target:css/mytngstyle.css%
  • images are now in an image folder currently named img, so any reference to a TNG image now needs to use img/image_name.gif
  • javascripts are now in a javascript folder currently named js, so if you modified any javascript you now need to use %target:js/script_name.js%
  • editconfig.php has been renamed to admin_genconfig.php, so if you modified admin/editconfig you now need to modify admin_genconfig.php
  • most $text variables are now single-quoted, so they are now $text['variablename'] which may require a change in syntax and may have also changed the code you were verifying against
  • %version:TNG8 Vn.n% should be used for new config files to make it easier to identify the version to which the mod applies

Other Impacts


If you were using your hosting service's capability to protect Directories, such as the admin directory, that capability will no longer work in TNG V8. You should be able however, to protect the TNG admin.php and potentially all files that start with admin_ using the same mechanism. Your hosting service will no longer generate the .htaccess and .htpasswd files, since typically they only do this for directories.

A section in your .htaccess as follows will do the trick. I have already tried this out using Darrin’s “admin_” prefix as previously described in his note.

<FilesMatch "admin_.*">
AuthName "Restricted Admin"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /home/path_to_.htpasswds/passwordfile
require valid-user

See Protecting admin directory for additional details.

Image Viewer

You will no longer need to modify Bret Rumsey's image viewer to control whether it applies to all media or only certain media. The TNG Admin >> General Settings >> Media will allow selecting the following options:

  • Enable image viewer: which controls whether the Image Viewer is used
    • Always (TNG default)
    • Documents only -- note that this also includes user-created media collections that behave like documents
  • Image viewer height:
    • Always show full image (TNG default)
    • Fixed (640 px) in height

See Setup - Media for illustration on how to control the TNG V8 Image Viewer

Image Map Coordinates

It has been reported that

Image map coordinates setup to identify people in photos loaded and processed with v.6.2 are no longer correct after upgrading to v.8.0.1. See TNG Community Forum entry post
Setting the new Image Viewer Enable image viewer:to Documents only will circumvent this problem.