TNG V8 upgrade problems

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Based on answering questions on the TNG Forum and User2 list since TNG V8 was released, the following are the common TNG V8 upgrade problems that I have seen:

  • Users do not copy the meta.php, adminmeta.php, and tngrobots.php
  • Users are still using meta.html
  • UTF-8 users did not change their Languages to the new UTF-8 versions

Using old meta.php

You must following the instructions in Step 7 "Special" Files - IMPORTANT! to copy the meta.php and the adminmeta.php files in order for TNG to find the new style sheets in the TNG/css directory.

These files existed in older versions of TNG and load most of the TNG style sheets (.css files). They have been updated to load the style sheets from the new css folder. If you have never edited the contents of these files before, just upload both of them from the special folder to your main TNG folder, overwriting any existing files with those names. If you have made changes to these files, first merge the changes you made into the new files and then upload them both to the main TNG folder.

If you are still using the old meta.php file, the TNG pages for the public side of your site will not format correctly.

If you are still using the old adminmeta.php file, the TNG Admin screen will not format correctly.

Using old meta.html

A variation on the above problem are users who copied the meta.php, adminmeta.php, and tngrobots.txt files, but are still using the old meta.html file and therefore the new TNG CSS style sheets are not being used.

The following was extracted from the instructions in Step 7 "Special" Files - IMPORTANT! of the TNG readme71x-800.html file:

NOTE: A few of you may still be using meta.html as your Custom Meta file instead of meta.php. If colors and fonts look wrong after the upgrade is finished and refreshing your browser does not fix it, you might still be using meta.html. You can tell by looking in the General Settings, under "Site Design and Definition", or by editing your config.php file and looking at the $custommeta value there. It MUST now say meta.php there, so if it still says meta.html, change the setting to meta.php. If you made changes to the old meta.html file, merge those changes into the new meta.php.

You must update your Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Site Design >> Custom Meta to use meta.php so that TNG will find the style sheets in the new css directory.

UTF-8 language files

If you were using UTF-8 for your TNG charset in TNG V7, you must update your language information in TNG V8 as was indicated in the TNG V8 Impacts and the readme71x-800.html file. Failure to make the update results in TNG using ISO-8859-1 versions of the files which result in the accented characters being mangled.

The following was extracted from Step 5 Move custom language files in the TNG readme71x-800.html file:

The new language folders include an ISO-8859-1 version and a UTF-8 version of most languages. The UTF-8 is now included in the folder name for the UTF-8 versions. If you previously used UTF-8 but did not include that in the folder name (eg, "German" instead of "German-UTF8"), you will want to make sure that your custom text files get moved to the right location. You will also want to make sure you are using the correct file set.

If this applies to you, you might also want to see the Wiki article Setup - Language.