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TNG 12.0.1 from 06.25.2018 added a Data Protection Policy and Cookie acknowledgement capability, which are displayed according to the settings in:

Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Privacy section:

E settings01.jpg

This Wiki-page is to explain how the prescribed texts of the Data Protection Policy and the Cookie Note can be changed and how you can adapt it to your own requirements.

Data Protection Policy

The file data_protection_policy.php is located in the language folder e.g. languages >> English-UTF8 (or English). This file can be edited using an editor (like Notepad ++) and then saved back.

Cookie Note texts

For the modification of the existing texts there is in your language folder e.g. languages >> English-UTF8 (or English) the file cust_text.php into which the changed variables can be entered.

Please pay attention, that the respective line/variable must be completely entered, otherwise it can lead to malfunction!

E cookie01.jpg

The text between the quotation marks (") can be changed:

  1. $text['cookieuse'] = "Note: This site uses cookies.";
  2. $text['viewpolicy'] = "View policy";
  3. $text['understand'] = "I understand";

Change the layout of the Cookie Box

The layout of the cookie box can be adjusted so that it corresponds to the selected TNG template.
Insert the following code (... adjusted accordingly) into the file mytngstyle.css. This file is located in each template folder (e.g. templates >> template12 >> css):

 0 .cc_container .cc_btn {
 1 background-color: #987e64 !important; /* button color */
 2 color: #ffffff !important; /* button textcolor */
 3 text-decoration: none !important;
 4 }
 6 .cc_container {
 7 background: #383026 !important; /* box background */
 8 color: #fdfdfd !important; /* box textcolor */
 9 }
11 .cc_container a {
12 color: #b48a6c !important; /* linkcolor */
13 text-decoration: underline !important;

Example for template 12 (by using the code from above):

E cookie02.jpg

TNG Footer Links

At the bottom of each page, in addition to the copyright notice of the programmer, an extra line will display the name of the owner / operator of the page and a link to the Data Protection Policy.

E footer02.jpg

The name of the owner / operator of the website is registered in the admin area:
Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> Site Design and Definition.

E settings03.jpg

If the field Site Owner (1.) remains empty, the Maintained by ... and the link to Data Protection Policy are not displayed in the footer (current status of TNG V12.0.1 on June 29, 2018).

To display additional information in the footer, the field Custom footer message (2.) can be used.

ATTENTION! Only from TNG V12.0.1 at the date of 06/25/2018, HTML commands should be used in this field! In older versions the use of HTML commands in this field generates a (repairable) total failure.

In this field you can, for example, enter a links to the Data Protection Policy and to an Imprint:

<a href="data_protection_policy.php" target="_blank">Data Protection Policy</a> | <a href="imprint.php" target="_blank">Imprint</a>

It will look like that:

E footer04.jpg

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