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The following are some of the causes for TNG not communicating with database error message.

MySQL Server is Down

If the MySQL Server is down, you will get the error message because TNG is not able to communicate with your database.

To determine if the MySQL Server is down, go to Admin >> Setup and click on the Diagnostic tab. The indicator next to the MySQL Server will be red.

MySQL Server is down.jpg

Recommended actions

If you are running a local WampServer or XAMPP server, make sure that the MySQL server is started.

If you are using a hosting provider, contact them about the problem

Incorrect Database parameters

If you did not provide the correct parameters in Setup >> General Settings >> Database you will also not be able to communicate with your TNG database.

Note that you can inadvertently introduce incorrect connection parameters, if you

  • update the password for the User used to connect in your hosting site's database manager
  • copy the config.php file from your WampServer environment to your Hosting Service

which then causes your TNG config.php parameters to no longer match the user and password required to access your database

Recommended actions

Update your Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Database parameter to the correct values. See Setup - Database for where you should be able to find the correct parameters on your hosting service's cPanel.

Socket required for Database Host

If your hosting service is currently providing both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5, they may require that you provide a socket to connect to the MySQL server.

For example, ICDSoft requires that you add the following after localhost for the Database Host: such that the connection parameter is


Recommended actions

If you think the database connection parameters are correct, check whether your hosting service requires a socket parameter to connect to your database.

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